Best Car Dryer of 2022

Product Size Weight Price
BLACK+DECKER LSW221 20V MAX Lithium Cordless Sweeper BLACK+DECKER LSW221 20V MAX Lithium Cordless Sweeper 19.1 x 6.7 x 8.2 inches 3.7 pounds price
McKee's 37 MK37-9638100 Turbo Car Dryer McKee's 37 MK37-9638100 Turbo Car Dryer 12 x 12 x 15 inches 11.8 pounds price
SGCB PRO Car Dryer Air Cannon Blower SGCB PRO Car Dryer Air Cannon Blower 11 x 9 x 16 inches 11 pounds price
Adam's Air Cannon Car Dryer Adam's Air Cannon Car Dryer 22 x 12 x 15 inches 13.1 pounds price
Makita DUB182Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower, Tool Only Makita DUB182Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower, Tool Only 6.4 x 12.7 x 7.2 inches 3 pounds price

Washing and drying your car optimally is important for the durability of its paint, as well as for its overall aspect. If you’ve made it a habit to take your car to professional car wash facilities, you probably don’t pay a lot of attention to the actual process and focus more on the result. On the other hand, if you own such a business, you are surely interested in the ways that can help you obtain the best results. In both cases, it is important to ensure that high-quality tools and products are being used and that they contribute to the paint’s durability and beauty.

In order for the car to look perfectly and maintain its aspect for a long time, you must focus on the drying process, too. A good car drier will offer better results than an average one. In this article, we will be analysing the meaning of that. The best product in this category doesn’t have to be the most expensive, too. However, you must keep in mind that a high-quality product that is capable of doing a great job will not be cheap either. If you think of it as a long-term investment, you are in the right place. Now that the money aspect has been clarified, let’s get into the technical details.

There are some features that you should cross off your list when doing your research for car dryers. Here are some of the most important:

  • The materials it is made of – this will determine the product’s durability and sturdiness; it is also one of the main factors that influence its price
  • Horsepower – the more power the dryer will have, the more performant it will be
  • Cord and hose length – you will need long cords if you are planning to blow dry the entire car and have freedom of movement
  • Accessories – the more nozzles the box contains, the better you will be able to dry the car, even in the hardest to reach areas

Do you want to buy the best car dryer that will last for years to come, but you still aren’t sure which model to choose? Check out the below reviews of the 5 best-selling products on the market. After selecting them based on their technical capabilities, we highlighted their pros and cons based on personal observations and consumer feedback. Here are the 5 best products the market has to offer right now:

Best Products of 2022

Black and Decker is a brand that specializes in power tools and accessories. Its main purpose is to deliver its customers a wide variety of tools that can help finalize almost any task at home or at work. Although this product is presented as a sweeper meant to clear the lawn and garden, it is powerful enough to dry your car after washing it. It works just like a regular car dryer and it represents an affordable alternative for products that wear that specific title. It is a 20V tool that is obviously multifunctional. Except for being capable of drier wet surfaces, it can also clear the debris from your driveway, deck and garage. Its air speed can reach 130 MPH and it operates using a maximum of 1.5 Ah Lithium Ion battery. What is great about this product is the fact that once it is charged, it can operate for approximately 18 months, depending on the frequency of use.

Black and Decker’s drier has a nice, sleek design, making it is very easy to work with. This product measures 19.1 x 6.7 x 8.2 inches and weighs 3.7 pounds. It is lightweight and silent, so you will not disturb the entire street when drying your car or cleaning your driveway. It includes the battery, charger and a blow tube.

What’s to like?

  • It is affordable
  • It has a sleek design
  • It is lightweight
  • It is silent
  • It is powerful
  • It is multifunctional
  • It includes a battery and a charger
  • It is cordless
  • Its battery lasts about 18 months
  • Its battery and charger are interchangeable

What’s not to like?

  • It doesn’t include a leaf collection bag
  • Although it is great for car drying, it wasn’t designed especially for this task

If you are looking for a product that has been especially designed for car drying, then you might like this product from McKee’s. It comes at a slightly higher price, but it is still affordable and performant. It has a nice design, it is lightweight and handheld. It can be used to dry the entire car or simply to blow off water from its cracks and crevices. It is equipped with a 6.5 horsepower motor, it has a vinyl-coated nozzle that prevents any scratches from forming in case of accidental contact with the car’s paint. It comes with a 35-foot long cord that allows you to move freely while cleaning the car. However, it doesn’t work cordlessly, which might represent a minus for those of you who want to work with high-end tools.

If you were curious whether the pressurized air is hot or cold, you will learn that this product has heating and filtering capabilities, so that dirt or sand don’t reach the surface of the car. Another advantage that this car dryer brings is that it has a 6-foot flexible hose. It also features a shoulder strap for added comfort, making the drying process easier and more convenient than ever. Its container has a 5-gallon capacity, it has a total size of 12 x 12 x 15 inches and it measures 11.8 pounds.

What’s to like?

  • It is inexpensive
  • It is nicely designed
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a 35-foot long cord
  • It has a 6-foot flexible hose
  • It has a shoulder strap
  • It is comfortable to use
  • It has a 5-gallon bucket
  • It has a vinyl-coated nozzle
  • It is equipped with a 6.5 HP motor
  • It blows heated and filtered air
  • It is versatile
  • It includes several nozzles

What’s not to like?

  • It is not cordless

Are you the owner of a car wash facility or you simply want a drying tool that is highly performant and will do the job extremely fast? If that is the case, you will love this product from SGCB. Although it isn’t a manufacturer that you hear about every day, it is one that focuses on quality and performance. This car dryer is the best proof. It is a smart and adjustable product that comes with double heat modes: natural and hot air; it has adjustable air volume, it is high powered, heat resistant and it has great stability. Thanks to its wheeled designed, it is easier to carry around and manoeuvre. It is equipped with 4 wheels that are silent and durable.

This car dryer comes with 3 nozzles: 1 round, 1 wide flat and 1 narrow flat. Having these 3 options, you get to dry all areas of the car without any hustle. This is a versatile product that can be used in several ways and applications. Another advantage that it has it that it operates silently by comparison to other similar products. The noise it makes reaches 74 dB and no more, thanks to the double interlayers. Also, it has a maximum 9.8 feet hose and can be used for the interior of the car, too.

What’s to like?

  • It is nicely designed
  • It is fairly priced
  • It is powerful
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a wheeled design
  • It is heat resistant
  • It has adjustable air flow
  • It is stable
  • It has 2 heat modes
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • It is durable
  • It has a long hose
  • It has 3 nozzles
  • It can be used to dry the interior of the car

What’s not to like?

  • It isn’t cordless

If your budget allows it, you should always choose the best option on the market. This usually guarantees the durability and quality of the products that you are using. This car dryer from Adam’s Polishes belongs to that category of tools that can last a lifetime if you use them properly. To name just a few of its most important features, it is a safe touch-free drying product, it has 4 HP, a noise level of 88 dB, as well as 300 CFM. It includes rubberized attachments, a fan tip and a pointed tip. Also, it comes with premium rubber swivel casters. Its power cord is 15-foot long. As for its operation, it has adjustable speed control and safety start.

Although this isn’t a cordless device, it has a 30-foot retracting hose that helps you move freely and makes your job easier. Just to give you an idea of how fast this tool works, it is capable of blowing 58,000 feet of air per minute. The pressurized air it blows is clean, warm and filtered, so that dust and dirt can’t come in contact with the car. Using it is extremely easy. All you have to do is press the start button, adjust the air output according to your needs and start drying. When not in use, it is easy to store, thanks to its small size and retractable hose.

What’s to like?

  • It has a great price compared to its capabilities
  • It has a modern design
  • It has a long cord
  • It has a retractable hose
  • It has adjustable air flow
  • It blow warm and filtered air
  • It has a 4 HP motor
  • It is wheeled
  • It isn’t as noisy as other similar products
  • It is easy to use
  • It has rubberized accessories
  • It is small-sized
  • It is easy to store when not in use
  • It is covered by a 1-year warranty

What’s not to like?

  • It isn’t cordless
  • It is louder than other similar tools

Yet another high-quality car dryer is brought to you by Makita, a well-known power tool manufacturer that also creates some of the best accessories, too. This product only has a short nozzle, but it is totally worth your attention if you are looking for one of the best products on the market, at a low price. It comes in a small size, it has a smart, sleek design and it is extremely lightweight. It has variable speed that allows you to choose the best air flow for your needs. You can adjust the airflow by setting it between 0 and 18,000 RM, yet you should keep in mind that the maximum air volume that it can blow is 91 cfm.

This is a cordless product, which makes it a superior product. Most car dryers are corded and although they have long cords, the experience changes completely when you don’t have to deal with them. However, even when fully charged, it will only work for 12 continuous minutes. If you know exactly what you are doing, it is worth it. It usually doesn’t take that long to dry an entire car. Thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, as well as to its rubberized grip, it is easy and comfortable to use. This product’s price is lower than usual, but there’s a downside to it: the box doesn’t include the battery and the charger and have to be bought separately.

What’s to like?

  • It is fairly priced
  • It has a gorgeous design
  • It is highly performant
  • It has variable speed between 0 and 18,000 RPM
  • It has a maximum air volume of 91 cfm
  • It is cordless
  • It operate for 12 continuous minutes in one charge
  • It is compact and ergonomic
  • It is lightweight
  • It has soft grip
  • It is easy to manoeuvre

What’s not to like?

  • It doesn’t include the charger and the battery
  • It inly includes a short nozzle

Questions and Answers

Why use a car dryer instead of a towel?

The point of using non-contact tools when drying the surface of the car is to avoid scratches and traces of water or cleaning products. Experts recommend reducing the level of contact as much as possible and so are we. The truth is that you don’t need us to tell you that. If you’ve owned your car long enough, you know how annoying it is to simply touch your car the wrong way, with the wrong objects and have it scratched. Even when using the softest of towels, the risk of making small scratches that enlarge with time increases. Dust and small dirt particles are everywhere, which is why drying the surface of the car with a towel isn’t recommended. Besides that, the rubbing will prove to be damaging on a long term. 

When using a car dryer, you will not be touching the car’s paint in any way. If you are worried about not being able to dry hard to reach areas, ensure that the dryer you buy has enough nozzles and other accessories. This way, you will be able to dry the entire surface. Another aspect that you must take into consideration is the fact that towel drying is time consuming and takes a lot of energy and effort. Blow drying is fast, efficient and practical. When using such a tool, you can stop worrying about water getting in cracks and crevices. 

How to use a car dryer?

Car dryers are some of the easiest tools that you can use at home. No matter how powerful a dryer is, using it will be a breeze. All car dryers come with clear instructions, but some of you might want to know exactly how they work before buying them. If you enjoy washing the car yourself, you should know that it should first be clean in its entirety. This means that you have to wash it using high-quality products that will “nourish” its surface. After washing it, you should use water to rinse it properly, with medium water pressure. Wait for approximately 2 minutes before starting to dry it. Turn the drier on, set the right pressure level and apply pressurized air to every part of the car’s surface. In case the nozzle you are using cannot be used to reach hidden areas, check to see which one of the included accessories is best for the job. Remember that it is extremely important for you to ensure that the windshield wipers, the gas cap and the running boards are completely dried.  

Can the blower be used for the entire car?

This is a question that many users ask themselves before buying a car dryer. As not all manufacturers include this info in the product description, it becomes confusing for most of us to understand whether or not it is suitable for use on the entire car. Giving the fact that all dryers are practically blowers, they can be used to dry almost any surface. What changes is the duration of use, depending on the material and the amount of water present on its surface. 

Final Words

There are many reasons why you should invest in a high-quality car dryer. Durability, sturdiness, performance and the results that you will benefit from every day are just a few of them. When making the right choice, you collect the benefits every single time you wash and dry your car. What you should keep in mind after reading the above reviews, as well as doing your own research, is that not all products are created the same. If the dryer you chose is pricier than the average, make sure that it is worth the money. This often reflects through the warranty and service that the manufacturer if willing to offer. Therefore, we recommend you not to skip the step of reading and asking questions about warranty coverage. It’s what guarantees that the product will last.