Best Ceramic Coating for Car of 2022

Product Size Weight Price
SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat 6.4 x 3.6 x 1.4 inches 6.4 ounces price
Epic Elements Protect Ceramic Coating for Cars Wax Spray Epic Elements Protect Ceramic Coating for Cars Wax Spray 8 x 5 x 1 inches 9.6 ounces price
Turtle Wax 53410 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wet Wax Turtle Wax 53410 Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wet Wax 2.58 x 4.5 x 11.04 inches 12.8 ounces price
Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO Premium Car Care Kit 9H High Gloss Paint Protection Nano Bond Ceramic Coating PRO Premium Car Care Kit 9H High Gloss Paint Protection 5.37 x 3.38 x 2.85 inches 8.8 ounces price
Mothers 01024 CMX Ceramic Spray Coating Mothers 01024 CMX Ceramic Spray Coating 3.94 x 1.97 x 11.02 inches 1.76 pounds price
MEGUIAR'S G190532SP Hybrid Ceramic Wax MEGUIAR'S G190532SP Hybrid Ceramic Wax 12.13 x 6 x 2 inches 2.35 pounds price
Greyghost Ceramic Coating Greyghost Ceramic Coating 6.14 x 3.86 x 1.97 inches 8 ounces price

Everybody loves cars. Either it’s for their looks, their power, or their functionality, cars own a special place in our hearts. For real. I mean think about how much we depend on this means of transportation, especially when there is no other option like buses, trains, or subway to jump into to get to work or at a doctor’s appointment, or whatever. 

But wait… It’s not all sugar and spice and everything nice; whether we like it or not, cars need maintenance, and that is a safety measure that one cannot underestimate or ignore. Luckily, we usually like caring for our four-wheeled babies, so this article comes as a statement to that.

Great cars need great care, so, among other things, the best quality coating; and the best car coating is… drums… ceramic coating. But wait… Does that mean that ceramic coating is exclusively meant for select cars? Definitely not! It is for all of you who like to offer the best maintenance to your car. Now let’s dive a bit into what coating implies.

What Is Actually Ceramic Coating?

First of all, it is well-known in the glass and ceramic industry as a product composed of liquid polymer that is secondary to silica. It is also the most durable type of coating you will find on the market, it is why more and more car owners resort to it when they need to add a protection layer to their automobiles.

The Durability of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is produced at a great temperature due to its unnatural composition that enhances high temperatures. What does that mean? It means that, if properly applied, the ceramic coating creates a microscopic connection with the designed paintwork material that gives more durability and more protection to the safety coat.

You can also forget about worrying that your coating might scratch or be deteriorated by exposure to sun, or that it might lose its glow once exposed to a an intense washing. Seriously, the ceramic coating will last you for years, making your car look brand new.

When you think of protecting your car’s paintwork, the paint, and the wax, it kind of gives you a headache, right? And yet, by simply applying ceramic coating you tick off the rest of your tasks, because ceramic coating interacts with the entire paintwork, making it last.

If you need more reasons to opt for ceramic coating, then there you go:

1: It secures a couple of years without worrying about adding new protection layers to your car paint

Ceramic coating is currently the most durable way to protect your car’s paint. Its superiority comes from the callousness, the shininess, and the resistance to wearing in time. Those three attributes are guaranteed for any type of coachwork. Right after applying it, the ceramic coating turns into a clear and thick bed of no more than 3 mm over the varnish. This layer completely isolates and protects the paint from damaging external factors, like acid rain, salt, or scratches.

Another huge plus of using ceramic coating is by reducing the risk of scrapes or corrosion. What does that mean? It means a consistent cost-cutting in the investment in your car’s color maintenance.

2: You can apply the ceramic coating yourself

Nevertheless, the intervention of a specialist ensures great results, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot apply the coating yourself. Of course, if you have some knowledge about it and if you are willing to give it a bit of time, as the process requires some prep. Ready? Here is how you can apply ceramic coating in five easy (-ish) steps:

Step 1. OK, so as stated before, you have to prepare your car before actually applying the ceramic layer. So, before anything, wash and degrease your car very well. We cannot stress enough how important it is not to skip this first step. Wash and degrease, people.

Step 2. Shake the ceramic coating bottle and apply a few drops (8-10) on a dry microfiber satin cloth wrapped over an applier. For the first applying, make sure to wet the cloth adequately.

Step 3. Apply the ceramic coating in a zigzag pattern on small portions. Why small portions? Because afterwards it will be easier for you to polish it.

Step 4. Leave the coating to dry until it makes a crust. At a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius, in no more than two to three minutes, the ceramic coating should change its color.

Keep an eye on the way in which the color changes. The ceramic layer should look like a rainbow.

Here’s when it is safe for you to start polishing the surface with a microfiber cloth.

As a heads-up, the higher the temperature, the quicker will the ceramic layer dry, while at lower temperatures, it will dry slower.

Step 5. After applying the first ceramic layer, you should wait for at least an hour and then apply a new one. For maximum durability and efficiency, you should apply three ceramic layers at a distance of an hour.

3: The surface becomes clearly glossy

After completing the whole process, meaning after you are done applying the three layers of ceramic coating, you should perceive a remarkable glow. From a close-up, your car should look as if it was covered with a glass layer giving it a mirror effect; and it doesn’t matter if the car is new or older, the effect is equally surprising.

4: Ceramic coating keeps dirt away

Have you ever heard of hydrophobic coverage? If not, do not worry, we are about to explain what it is and what its benefits are.

Hydrophobicity is a physical property of molecules to reject masses of water or dirt. The process is not repulsive, it is rather a natural lack of attraction. Thus, the surface remains intact. So, your car will get dirty less often and you will have to take it to a car wash less frequently. The maintenance of ceramic coating once every three to six months will ensure the protection of your ceramic layer for years now.

5: Ceramic coating does not provide safety to the paint only

Ceramic coating ensures durability not just for the painted surfaces, but also for seals, chrome-plated elements, plastic materials, windows, and tires. It provides safety to the entire vehicle.

The Features of the Best Ceramic Coating for Car

If you were wondering what makes this ceramic coating so special, let us tell you that there’s much to write about. We will there, but until then let us point out some different aspects of ceramic layers applied by professionals versus the ceramic coating installed by the car owner.

a).  Ceramic coating applied by professionals is created in such a way that it requires a lot of prep work before the actual applying. Not only does the car need to be all clean, but even the environment has to be freshly cleaned. After your professionals have applied the coat, depending on the way your present paint looks like, it has to stay in a controlled environment, at a certain temperature for a couple of days, generally no more than five. Of course, the price is to match, from 750 dollars up to 2000 dollars. But seriously now, a job done by a professional is long lasting, so it totally worths the money.

b). Ceramic coating applied by the owner, so the DIY applying, has been created in such a way to offer the same advantages that professional ceramic coating applying. The only difference is the process, which is much simpler here. Of course, your car needs some prep work before, but incomparable to the professional process. Also, the installation is simpler and the costs are smaller, from 10 USD to 300 USD. Of course, you will notice some differences in the quality of the products, given the price range.

Ceramic Coating versus Car Wax

We have prepared for you some similarities and differences between the two coatings, to give a glimpse on why wax has become kind of obsolete for us.

The Advantages of Using Wax

First of all, it is completely natural, so it does not affect the environment.

Then, there’s the easiness with which you, as a non-professional can apply it, without much experience required. Plus, it takes lesser time to install it.

You will not need any professional help unless you want it to look as shiny as possible, because professional tools make a difference.

Car wax resists to excessive heat display when properly applied.

It is also hydrophobic, meaning that it keeps water and dirt away.

The Disadvantages of Car Wax

Maybe the most disturbing thing about car wax is that it has to be reapplied very often, every 4 to 6 six to make sure you’re your car paint remains intact. So, this requires some effort from your side. Then, there’s the process itself, and we are not only referring to the enforcement only, but to the pre-enforcement and post-enforcement too. Your car has to be washed and completely dry, sometimes you must even remove the older wax, and only then apply the new wax layer. Without respecting those steps you will probably not get the results you want, so make sure to reserve some extra time to complete the process.

Another minus of car wax is that you can be tricked sometimes by the market. How’s that? Well, some products might just seem what you need, but the actually are not the real deal. So beware of the simple conditioner that some car washes might try to trick you into using, because those are not car wax. Of course, they will wear off shortly after the enforcement, not to mention that they will you’re your paint zero protection.

The Advantages of Nano-Ceramic Coating

First and foremost, ceramic coating protects your car against UV rays, thus the paint will not oxidize, keeping the quality of the vehicle intact for a long time. This type of coating, unlike car war, does not require applying every 6 weeks, but every several years, so it is much more durable.

Given its superior quality, it is much more resistant to weather conditions, dirt, mud, or water. Just like wax, it has hydrophobic characteristics, adding to it a much quicker dry, and a more vivid glow that will last you through the years.

The Disadvantages of Ceramic Coating

You could say that it is a bit time-consuming, because the process is much more complex than when applying wax; plus, it seldom requires professional help. You might also consider keeping your car away from bad weather conditions for a day or two to make sure that the layer is well fixed.

The costs are higher, also the artistry will cost you some money, but remember that this is an action that requires maintenance once in a few years, so we would say it is worth it.

 Now here is a Top 7 Best Ceramic Coating For Car that we would recommend you to look into so that you can find the right version for your car, depending on your urges:

Top 7 Best Ceramic Coating For Car

Best Products of 2022

First and foremost, Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat ceramic car wax is a real package deal; not only it dries out quickly, but it will leave your car looking brand new, squeaky clean thanks to its waterless wash function, shiny, and protected. 


Here’s something that we hate when it comes to our beloved babies on four wheels: when they are full of dust, fat, or mud. Well, luckily, there are products like Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat ceramic car wax that come with a sealer that eliminates all those unwanted extras. 


Due to its hydrophobic attribute and its edgy characteristics, this ceramic coating adds to that glossy stylish look a sealant safety shield that keeps you car in good condition for a long time.


It’s also very important to mention here that you can safely apply this ceramic spray on any two or four wheelers; so if you (also) own a motorbike, an RV, or a boat, this is a great option for you.


As you might have noticed, coating could damage the paint in a car, but there is a reason why this product is top-notch on the market; it does not scratch, smudge, nor streak your car’s paint; and that is applicable to absolutely any vehicle, not only the most expensive ones.        


It adds a UV protection

Works on trim, metal, and fiberglass

Disposable on any paint

Very affordable

Goes well for the engine bay cover

Good for the interior of a car too


It does not protect your car against the sprinklers

The Epic Elements Protect Ceramic Coating comes also as a spray that works properly on any type of vehicle, without putting too much effort in it: you just have to apply the spray on the whole surface and then wipe it off with a clean cloth, advisable microfiber. 
This ceramic coating adds SiO2 that produces the hydrophobic layer which gives your vehicle that sweet shiny look.
The manufacturers are very inclined toward their customers’ feedback, it is why if something goes wrong they are willing to come up with a solution for you, maybe a brand new spray or even a refund. This is quite reassuring. 
One of our favorite features of the Epic Elements Protect Ceramic Coating is that it works very well on any surface, on any part or piece of the car; even your mirror will get a superb shine with this ceramic spray. 
The hybrid sealer is very powerful, making the coating durable; you will no longer have to apply any coating every week, which is precious time you can use for whatever else you like. 
The all in one formula of the Epic Elements Protect Ceramic Coating grants you with shiny surfaces, the unbeatable waterless wash, and a protection layer that keeps your car’s paint fresh and glossy. Quite nice to have it all in one spray only. Plus, no traditional coating spray would do the job this coating does. That’s something to definitely consider.
Safe for trim, plastics, aluminium, and glass
It works on any car and any paint color
Great for flat finish paint
It goes well with acrylic
Very affordable
It does not fix oxidation

Our third option for today is a combination of wet wax and ceramic coating. It is even more affordable than the other two, but not necessarily less efficient than the aforementioned. 
For optimal results, wash your car first, use the spray directly on the wet surfaces, and then dry the sprayed areas. Besides remaining clean, your car will shine like a diamond and the coating and the car paint will resist for quite a while without needing any intervention. 
The SiO2 along with the ultra-hydrophobic feature help in scattering water and offer one of the finest chemical resistant protections.
If you were wondering if this spray can be used with a regular car washing product, let us tell you that it does. 
What we noticed about this spray is its exquisite perfume of sweet fruits that comes as an extra to the superior shine and protection. 
If you were wondering about the maintenance of this car coating and how long does it keep your car protected, then you should know that at least for 12 months you shouldn’t worry about renewing it. 
Turtle Wax Ceramic Solution works on other surface too, like windows or windshield. However, we would recommend you to spray on the dry microfiber instead of the surface. 
It does not discolor
Can be safely used for paint protection film
It is also recommended for exterior glass
It has UV protection
It does not work well on matte or flat wrap

Now here’s a durable product that will keep your mind off car coating for about three years. With an incredible 30um thickness, Nano Bond Ceramic Coating can last up to… drums… 760 degrees. Yeah, you read that right. Quite impressive. 
In order to make the product efficient, you should use a sponge and a dry coat wrapped around the sponge; after spraying the entire surface of the sponge with ceramic coating, you can wash the car surfaces, and then, after a couple of minutes, you can safely wipe and polish the car with a dry towel. 
Nano Bond Ceramic Coating is made of 80% siO2 and features hydrophobic characteristics. It comes packed with gloves, a sponge, a micro suede applicator, a microfiber towel, and the actual coating. Fully equipped, we might say, to give your car that superior shine. 
It can also be used on RVs, trucks, motorbikes, etc. Plus, if you own a truck and have also a truck bed cover for it, you can safely use it on the bed cover, regardless of the material it is made of.
If you were thinking of applying some fresh paint to your car, but you just used the ceramic coating on it, we would suggest you wait at least 30 days until using any paint.


It has UV protection
You can also use it on headlights
One bottle can be used two to three times for an automobile
It can even last for 2 years 
You can use it on matte wrap
It works great on any metal


Not to be left on windows or windshields for long, because it might cause streaks
A bit pricey

The fifth option has a medium price and is a very appreciated option for its power of protecting the car against the elements. It offers ultra-hydrophobic protection, featuring both SiO2 and TiO2. 
It is also very user-friendly, as it only requires appliance and then you can simply wipe the spray off with a clean towel. 
It can be used on its own or you can test it with other traditional products. 
Be mindful to not leave the vehicle wet during curing. Curing takes 24 hours.
Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray can be safely used on vinyl wrap, on older or newer vehicles, regardless of their color, condition, or style. Of course, if the car looks damaged and is very old, and if the paint is oxidized, you cannot expect optimal results. It will improve its looks, but it won’t make any miracles. 
You can use Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray on any metal surface, plastic, or glass. Plus, and that is a huge plus, a bottle will last your 20 applications. 


It makes bugs remove easier
It has UV protection
You can safely use it for other vehicles too


It does not work on engine parts or chrome pipes

Another mid-priced and great product on our list is Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax. It has excellent characteristics, SiO2 hybrid technology that offer great protection and awesome shine. 
In order to use it properly, firstly make sure that your car is clean; then, you just have to spray the entire surface, rinse it off without rubbing, and then just dry the finish. Then, apply a second rinse with a stream of water. Use a microfiber towel to dry it. Do not worry if you didn’t manage to cover the entire surface of the car, that second rinse with water will help you spread the ceramic coating on the entire surface. And that is it. You can mirror yourself in your car afterwards.
It also adds water beading action and is effective on any type of vehicle, be it two or four-wheeled. 


It has UV protection
You can also use it as a drying aid
It works as both wax and ceramic coating
It offers great protection and durability
Great quality-price ratio


Wouldn’t suggest trying it on vinyl wrapped boat or fiberboard boat, as it might crack

The Greyghost Ceramic Coating hardens in 9 hours and offers nano ceramic coating. Although more expensive than the majority of ceramic coatings on the marketplace, it comes packed with a kit that ensures your carr’s safety against the elements, scratches, UV light, iron filings, and so on. Thus, we would already say that it’s a deal after all. But wait… there’s more!
It offers hydrophobic protection on the surface and adds a waxing effect that keeps your car shiny for quite a while. Actually, you should not consider reapplying it until after one year or so. 
The Greyghost Ceramic Coating is pretty easy to use: pour the liquid over a sponge, wrap a cloth over it, apply to the surface, let the liquid do his job for a couple of minutes, and then clean the liquid with a dry microfiber. 
We would recommend you to keep the car protected from water, if it’s possible do not even touch any surface for about 12 hours for maximum results.
It comes with a sponge and a manual
The coating lasts for one year
It can be applied on sealers or wax
You can also try it on new car rims 
It does not prevent scratching 

Final Words

OK, you automobile aficionado, you wanted a guide to help you figure out how to keep your car looking brand new for years. There you have it. We would recommend you to use ceramic coating not just because it looks good, but first of all because it protects you car without needing too much maintenance or without putting to much effort in it. Plus, as you can see, it is not even that expensive. So, put that ceramic coating on you car today, thank us tomorrow!