Best Electric Trailer Dolly of 2022

Product Size Weight Price
MAXXHAUL 12 MAXXHAUL 12" Tires 70225 Trailer Dolly Pneumatic Tires 42.01 x 14.02 x 5.98 inches 29.2 pounds price
RAM Trailer Products EJ-3520-BBX RAM Trailer Products EJ-3520-BBX 31.5 x 10 x 7 inches 23.9 pounds price
Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack Black Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack Black 32.75 x 12.5 x 7.25 inches 10 pounds price
Trailer Valet 5X V211 Tongue Jack Dolly Trailer Valet 5X V211 Tongue Jack Dolly 8 x 26 x 17 inches 51 pounds price
Fulton FW32000101 F2 Two-Speed Trailer Winch with Strap Fulton FW32000101 F2 Two-Speed Trailer Winch with Strap 8 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches 16.4 pounds price
Fulton 1413020134 F2 Twin Track Trailer Tongue Jack Fulton 1413020134 F2 Twin Track Trailer Tongue Jack 10 inch screw travel 19.3 pounds price
We live in an era where, luckily, we can get to choose what tools to buy to make our lives much more comfortable. One of those tools is the electric dolly trailer; because when it comes to moving a trailer around, boy, that’s heavy duty! So, a motorized trailer dolly is a life-saving invention that simplifies this process a lot. 

Therefore, if you are looking for the best electric dolly trailer, this buyer’s guide will help you sort things out. Let’s get into it. 

Firstly, let’s have a quick look at the top-six best electric dollies on the market, and then we’ll get into detail about the things that a potential buyer should consider before choosing the right trailer dolly.

Best Products of 2022

This electric dolly trailer is nicely equipped to handle quite well up to 600 pounds only for tongue weight, as for total weight it can transport about 3500 pounds. Anything from jet skis, boats, utility trailers, and many more, can be maneuvered by the MaxxHaul Trailer Dolly. 

The mechanism is simple: you just have to attach the trailer to the hitch ball measuring 1-7/8 inches. With the help of the powerful 12-inch tires, the entire equipment can be easily moved around parking lots or pivoted to the storehouse. 

Another big plus of this dolly is that it is perfectly functional even when the trailer is chock-full. 

Besides the 1-7/8’’ ball, the MaxxHaul Trailer Dolly comes with a 3/4’’ shank, making it easy to handle by almost anyone, regardless of their previous experience with an electric dolly trailer. 

The solid metal frames and the heavy-duty steel make this product durable, sturdy, and legit for wheeling trailers into tight places even on uneven ground, although with a bit more effort put into it. 

The rubber handles look cheap and are a bit slippery, but they seem to do their part long-term if you manipulate them correctly.  

The MaxxHaul Trailer Dolly is easy to put together even for a non-pro, with no assistance required.


  • It comes with high-quality bolts
  • It adds an adjustable hitch ball
  • Well-built
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is shipped with easily removable handles
  • Great value for money


  • Harder to move on slight slopes

This high-performance trailer dolly can handle more than 3500 pounds and is one of the most reliable products on the market. It features two switches, 9’’ of retracted height and 28-1/2’’ extended height. 
The RAM Trailer BBX is made of long-lasting heavy steel, so you will get to use it for years now. It adds a powder coat and a corrosion-resistant zinc tube. 
This trailer dolly comes with a LED light that helps you guide your gear through tight spaces with a minimum of effort even during nights. 
This heavy-duty power jack is efficient, resistant, and as a bonus, it includes an emergency crank that you can use to manipulate the gear manually in case of power loss. 
The RAM Trailer BBX is shipped with a 2’’ interior tube, while the outside tube measures 2 ¼’’. 
One of the biggest advantages of this trailer dolly is the adjustable 7-1/2’’ foot that can be adapted to a new height just by pulling a pin and then pushing the jack either up or down. It adjusts effortlessly according to your needs.
It is shipped with a 12-volt battery and 12-gauge wires and requires little effort to assemble. Due to the fact that it is pretty lightweight, it is also easy to pack and store. 


It is user-friendly
Electric A-frame with 2 toggle switches
It features a powder coat
Zinc tube located inward
It can handle heavy-duty gear over 3500 pounds


The response time is a bit long

The third option on our list today is a very sturdy and powerful trailer dolly that can move equipment weighing up to 3500 lbs only by pushing a button. Can it get simpler than that?!

Lippert 285318 is shipped with 2 bracket heights; the retracted bracket measures 10.75 inches, while the extended one sums 28.75 inches. 

It comes with an automatic brake, which ensures the safety of the equipment and of the user maneuvering it. 

The Lippert 285318 adds a strong coat that handles corrosion and is packed with helical cut gears that are meant to muffle the gear when turned on. So, it is much more silent than the majority of the trailer movers on the market.
This dolly trailer also includes a crank handle that can be used manually if needed. Always good to have a back-up plan in case power is off.

It is very easy to install: with only one wire and three bolts you got yourself your dolly up and running. 

Lippert 285318 has 4 LED lights integrated that allow you to handle your dolly trailer with the same precision even during nights. It also adds an 18’’ stroke and a 30 AMP fuse.

It is sturdy and well-built, so you will be able to use it for a long time with no intervention or upgrade whatsoever.


It comes with a strong coat that handles corrosion
Pretty lightweight
Easy to install
It is pretty quiet
Made of durable material
Great value for money


It is a bit slow

Trailer Valet 5X is created to move up to 5000 pounds total weight and 500 pounds tongue weight. 
It comes with a mounting bracket that has to be attached to the trailer. Also, it works softly on inclined terrain. It features a crank system that allows you to easily move the handle up and down, from high to low gear, thus moving the gear up or down the slope. 
Trailer Valet 5X is very versatile and easily adjustable. Its automatic brake system works absolutely great on any surface, on any weather, providing safety and reliability to the equipment. An automatic brake will also make less probable any incident, leaving the trailer, the dolly, and any other vehicle at close range intact.

This heavy-duty electric trailer dolly is pretty light, weighing only 51 pounds. Thus, it is much easier to maneuver than other trailer dollies. It can work up to 300 hours without needing any upgrade. It is made of metal with powder-coating finish that ensures durability to the dolly over time. 


It can handle up to 5000 pounds
Pretty lightweight
It comes with high and low drive gears
Works very well on any surface


Wheels might continue to spin when making tight turns

Easily maneuverable, Fulton FW32000101 will enable you to place your trailer in the tightest corners without breaking a sweat. 
The Fulton FW32000101 can easily handle up to 3200 pounds, sometimes even more. 
What we most like about this electric trailer mover is that it is pretty compact, which makes it easy to place even in a regular vehicle. It is more on the heavy side though, as it weighs 16.4 pounds. 
Moreover, this dolly’s sturdy design does not require any maintenance, so forget about oiling or stiffening any part of it.
It comes with a traction handle with 4 positions that can easily be adjusted with one hand only. It allows a torsion of 6 to 9 inches. 
It is shipped with a handy pull and turn knob.
The interior and exterior is made of corrosion-resistant covers, plus an aluminum frame, and the aluminum handle that make the equipment disposable in any weather condition and on any type of ground. 


It includes mounting gear
It is affordable
It comes with a 20-foot strap with hook 
It has a warranty of 5 years
Ergonomic design
The handle can be moved on the left, so that lefties can use it easily too


A bit heavy

Last but definitely not the least in our top today is a product of a leader on the marine jacks market, Fulton.

The high-quality Fulton F2 is designed to last, regardless of the environment or the weather conditions. It has a few elements made of plastic, but that does not make the dolly less durable. The engineered plastic is only used to give the user a pleasant feeling when touching it. As proof of durability the manufacturer provides the buyer with limited lifetime guaranty for the product and that is quite reassuring, if you ask us.

This dolly does not need oiling nor another special maintenance; it is corrosion-resistant due to the coating that covers the interior and exterior of every element of the dolly. 

Fulton F2 comes with bolts and also the entire 8-inch mounting gear, 2 pipes, going to 4’’ square frame. The package also includes clamps of different sizes. The manufacturer is adding to all this a very useful foot brake that ensures the safety of the entire process.


It can handle about 1600 pounds
Works on any surface
7-inch track wheel
Very stable and durable
Adjustable handler


It is a bit on the heavy side

Final Words

 Why Should You Buy A Trailer Dolly?

Imagine finding yourself in a tight parking lot, with no other option than halt your vehicle in that tiny spot. It seems impossible and yet… with the help of a dolly trailer, you may easily navigate your way through the tiny spot. 

You will get to pick from a wide variety of products, as they come in different shapes and sizes, you just have to figure out which one is the one. For instance, there are trailer dollies that use a gas motor, some are hand-crank based, while the best-equipped are AC and DC electric dolly trailers. 

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Motorized Trailer Mover?

Electric dollies are much more practical, as almost anybody can use them. Manual trailer dollies require lots of physical effort, maybe some good muscle workout before. Kidding. Electric trailer dollies are easier to manipulate and can be used to move not only trailers but also any kind of heavy gear without putting much effort into it. 

Also, trailer dollies may come with a single tire; some are equipped with two tires, or even more. What they do have in common is their capacity to move trailers throughout parking lots, garages, outside highways, you name it – and that, with great ease. 

Forget about manually moving your trailer. Protect your entire body by leaving the heavy part to the trailer dolly that is specially designed to ease your trailer into tight spaces without putting so much pressure on yourself and mostly your back. Bonus, an electric trailer dolly is quite low maintenance and long-lasting, as it is made of steel with powder coat finish that prevents corrosion. In other words, it is a worthwhile investment.

The automatic brake system will prevent accidents, as trying to move your trailer manually and not being able to react on time in case you misuse the equipment might cause some damage, not only to your back but to other vehicles nearby.

Another important aspect is the quality-price ratio. The design of a trailer dolly is pretty simple, and why should it be otherwise? What matters is its sturdiness and its reliability rather than the aspect. Given its long-term functionality, an electric trailer dolly is a long term investment. Yet, not a pricey one. 

Users mostly appreciate the fact that the trailer dolly gear is very low-maintenance. It does not require any special condition, but we would suggest you keep it away from sunlight, as it might cause slight damage in time. Also, consider repeating the powder coating from time to time, every few years, to be more specific, as it can wear off with time. 

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Electric Trailer Dolly

1. Manual VS Motorized Trailer Dolly

Despite the fact that manual trailer dollies are much more affordable, they can rather be used for lighter weights. Motorized trailer dollies can carry heavy weights, up to 12000 pounds. They are also easier to manoeuver. Yet, they are pricier; with good reason, we might add. 

2. The Weight Of The Equipment Handled By A Trailer Dolly

Between a manual trailer dolly that can only support lighter equipment and a motorized trailer dolly that can carry heavy equipment, we would go for the electric one. After all, electric trailer dollies can carry the light equipment that manual trailer dollies can, and it can take up to 12000 pounds, which is enormous. 

Plus, it is issued with many elements that provide extra quality and extra safety to the end product. Although now you might not own heavy equipment, so you might think that a manual trailer dolly would do just fine, well… you never know when you’re going to need one. Sure, there is always the option to upgrade from manual to electric. Whatever floats your boat. 

3. The Adjustability Of The Motorized Trailer Movers

As stated before, trailer dollies come in different shapes and sizes. But one should first look at the flexibility of the equipment. If you might need to connect your trailer dolly on bumpy ground, for instance, adjustability would be a must. Of course, there are many cases in which you should sort of think ahead and make your choice based on your needs. So, always keep in mind that flexibility is a deciding factor.

Types of Electric Dollies

OK, so we got that settled. Among all options, electric dollies are maybe not the cheapest but most definitely the most efficient and user-friendly tools that worth all your attention. Now let’s see what option you have in terms of electric motor dollies.

Alternating-Current Electric Dollies

AC motors make use of alternating current to switch from electrical to mechanical energy. 

When owning an AC electric motor dolly, there is something very important to consider: you will have to carry its extension string with you. It will hang right behind you, to be more precise. So be extra cautious not to expose yourself to any electrocution if the ground is wet. Also, be careful not to trip into the cord and you’re safe to go. 

AC electric dollies require your dolly to be issued with an electric brake system, as it does not function on any grades. Also, keep in mind that AC electric dollies are rather slow. They can only advance with a reduced speed, no more than 10-15 feet per minute. But who needs speed anyway when trying to fit a trail into a tiny parking spot?

AC motors offer good performance for longer periods of time, as they are more low-maintenance.

Direct-Current Electric Dollies

The electric DC winch motor makes use of direct current to switch from electrical to mechanical energy. It is equipped with carbon brushes and a commutation ring that uses a rotating armature to change the direction of the current.

Unlike AC electric motors, DC electric motors need less energy in order to create a magnetic field, it is why DC motors are more efficient. Thus, given that they are made of multiple moving parts, you will have to invest in changing them much more often than in the case of the lower maintenance AC motors. 

As for their traveling speed, they get to no more than half a foot per second. Also, they need more cooldowns than AC motors. 

Two-wheeled trailer dollies

Two-wheeled trailer dollies are equipped with the basic, but that doesn’t mean that they are not a good option. On the contrary, they provide quality at the lowest prices, so they are to be considered by users, especially by those who plan on using them to move lighter weights. Made of a hitch ball and a metal frame, two-wheeled trailer dollies are stable, reliable, and easy to maintain.
Three-wheeled trailer dollies
Three-wheeled trailer dollies are an upgraded version of the two-wheeled equipment. The wheel caster that comes with the other two wheels grants the trailer dolly with more stability. It is also easier to manipulate and much more accurate.

Jack Lift

Lift jacks are equipped to help you jerk a trailer to a lorry. It attends you in navigating and jerking your trailer coupler to your truck with no assistance. As simple as that.
Dollies designed for kayaks and canoes
The kayak and canoe dolly is specially conceived with a set of lightweight wheels that helps you glide your equipment over the sand. It is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled so that you can take with you when entering the water.
Features Of The Best Electric Trailer Dolly

The Material

So, the main characteristic of an electric dolly trailer is its reliability, which is why you should go for a dolly made of steel, as it is the most dependable build material. If you add the anti-rust coat, your dolly will be even more solid and will last you for much longer. Beware of the powder coating though, as it is predisposed to scratching. 
The Length Of The Handle
Besides the strong handle grip, make sure to choose an electric dolly with a longer handle. A long handle ensures higher leverage and an easier hitch of the trailer. 

Weight Capacity

Depending on the weight of the equipment you plan to carry or move, there are several types of dolly trailers that you can analyze before making your decision. For that, one should learn how to calculate the tongue capacity. The dolly tongue defines the weight capacity that a dolly tongue can carry, that is the trailer’s pressure put on the hitch ball. Normally, the weight of the trailer tongue should be 9 to 15 percent of the total weight of the trailer. Of course, the real weight depends on how the trailer’s weight is distributed. 

A handy scale and a scaffolding should be more than enough to help you figure out the weight of the hitch ball. Put the coupler on the scale and there you have it. As an example of correct proportions, a dolly weighing 600 lbs will be able to carry a 4000 lbs trailer.
Tips And Tricks

Before engaging in buying a trailer dolly, you should know what are the dos and don’ts, because misusing a dolly without taking into consideration some important factors might hinder your life instead of making it easier. So, keep in mind that:

- Reading a buying guide is essential before making the purchase and before starting to use the trailer dolly;
- Two-wheeled dollies are recommended for lighter equipment, while dollies with three or four wheels are used for heavy loads;
- Make sure you wear the right footwear to keep your toes protected from any accident;
- The weight of the trailer might project you forward, so take safety measures;
- Carefully handle the dolly handle, as it might hit you in the face;
- Never pull a trailer dolly; always push it to avoid getting ran over by it;
- Check your fuses before usage, as they might wear off with time;
- Never push a trailer dolly before securing the equipment with belts and straps;
- Consider wearing a belt around your waist to protect your back.

Final Statement

Given the specificity of the electric trailer dolly, buying the best electric trailer dolly requires some research ahead. Take your safety measures, come back to this guide every time you need an answer to your questions, and make your purchase based on your priorities. Keep it safe and straightforward!