Best Leather Conditioner of 2022

Product Size Weight Price
Leather Restore Leather Color Repair Leather Restore Leather Color Repair 8 x 8 x 2 inches 4 ounces price
Leather Milk Leather Restoration Kit Leather Milk Leather Restoration Kit 2.2 x 1.8 x 5.8 inches 1.5 pounds price
NEW COACH Leather Moisturizer NEW COACH Leather Moisturizer 12 x 2.4 x 9.3 inches 4.8 ounces price
AniMed Oakwood Leather Conditioner AniMed Oakwood Leather Conditioner 4 x 4 x 4 inches 14.4 ounces price
Pinnacle Natural Brilliance PIN-430 Leather Cleaner Pinnacle Natural Brilliance PIN-430 Leather Cleaner 3.5 x 1.8 x 8 inches 1 pounds price

There are several reasons why it is recommended to use leather conditioner, which is different from polish. A good polish product simply gives leather a bit of shine. Conditioning, on the other hand, is great at prolonging its lifespan, as well as preventing it from cracking. When talking about leather conditioning, we should make it clear that we don’t only refer to maintaining leather shoes. All leather needs protection, regardless of its application: car interiors, car seats, shoes, purses and other items that are exposed to external damaging factors. 

If you use leather by choice, then you surely ask yourself what the best way to maintain its beauty, elasticity, shine and properties is. The answer should be clear by now. Conditioning it is the best thing you could do if you want it to last. Water, dirt, grease, sweat, UV rays are just a few of the things that can contribute to its aspect and durability. In lack of correct protection and care, leather cracks, becomes thinner and loses its valuable properties.  

Leather conditioner is meant to nourish and restore leather fiber flexibility. Remember that unlike the skin, which many people compare to leather, it loses its natural moisture and doesn’t receive any more oils. This is the main reason why it starts to crack. Leather conditioners’ purpose is to avoid this process and maintain a beautiful aspect. 

If you want to maintain the looks of your shoes, your leather seats, chairs, briefcases, leather laptop bag or any other leather item, but you aren’t sure which product is worth your money, you have come to the right place. We have selected 5 of the most efficient products on the market and reviewed them for you. We then emphasized each product’s pros and cons so that you can make the best decision. Check out the 5 products below:

Best Products of 2022

Leather Restore is a manufacturer that has adapted its products to the market’s needs and offers its clients high-quality products that are highly effective. This product comes in a 4-ounce bottle and can be used to restore the aspect of leather furniture, shoes, car seats, vinyl and more. It doesn’t only condition leather, but it also gives it back its original color, with very slight variations. This is why it is available in 26 colors. You can choose whichever tone is closer to the color of the material that you are looking to restore. It is capable of fixing scuffs, scratches and cracks. Do you have a pair of shoes that cracked and you thought that you will never be able to wear them again? Think twice. Thanks to products like this, you can now bring them back to life.

In order to restore the original aspect of leather surfaces, you simply have to clean them up, make sure they are dry, apply a coat and let it dry. This product has a ready-to-use formula, so you won’t have to mix it with other products. Apply it using a special glove or a clean cloth. No heat is needed in the drying process. The great thing about it is that it does not rub off or peel in time thanks to its durable formula and flexible finish. You will only need to reuse it if you use those leather items heavily. The bottle is nice and stylish, with a safe cap.

What’s to like?

  • It is affordable
  • It offers great results
  • It comes in a stylish bottle
  • It has a 4-ounce capacity
  • It comes in 26 color tones
  • It is suitable for leather and vinyl
  • It is great for repairing, restoration and recoloring
  • It fixes cracks and scratches
  • It gives leather its original flexibility
  • It doesn’t rub off or peel

What’s not to like?

  • Manufacturer doesn’t offer a transparent option, too
  • It doesn’t include restoration pads

A set of 3 leather conditioners is brought to the market at a great price by Chamberlain’s Leather Milk. This product comes in vintage bottles that give you the impression that shoe restoration workshop are still present at every corner. Having one of these kits in your home is a pleasure. Not to mention that they are extremely easy to use and promote a non-toxic, all-natural formula. The kit includes a liniment, a cleaner and a protectant. All 3 bottles are numbered and labeled, so you will know exactly what to use and when. The first bottle that contains the liniment is recommended for natural leather and lighter colors, but can be used on all kinds of leather, from full grain to deerskin. The second bottle is meant to penetrate the leather and eliminate any contaminants and stains. The third bottle contains natural oils and waxes that protect the leather on a long term.

These products are water based, but also contain natural oils, as previously mentioned. They are designed to penetrate leather pores, clean, protect and condition all products that are made of this material. If you are interested in promoting natural products, buying this kit is a great way to do it. Using any of these products is easy. You simply have to apply a thin coat and rub using circular motions. The great thing about this set is that it also includes 3 premium applicator pads, so that the entire process is easier and more efficient.

What’s to like?

  • It is affordable
  • It is a natural product
  • Its formula is non-toxic
  • It is a water based kit
  • It includes 3 products
  • Each bottle has a 6-ounce capacity
  • Each bottle is numbered
  • Bottles have a vintage design
  • It is suitable for all types of leather
  • It cleans, conditions and protects
  • It includes 3 applicator pads

What’s not to like?

  • Must be rubber well on dark leather, otherwise it will leave white traces

There is something extremely stylish about this bottle of leather conditioner or moisturizer, as the manufacturer prefers to call it. But looks aren’t everything, obviously, so let’s deep dive into this product’s capabilities. Let’s start with the size. This bottle has a 4-ounce capacity and the product it contains should last for at least six months if you only use it on a pair of shoes, let’s say. The frequency of use and purpose might alter that period a lot. For instance, if you are planning on using it on an old couch, you might as well use the entire bottle at once. Its price is great for what it has to offer, we’ll give you that. The good thing is that its formula is compatible with all types of leather, from cross grain to stamped snake skin. Suede makes an exception, though, as well as glove tanned and hair calf leather.

This product can be used on leather of all colors, except for the 3 materials mentioned below. It is not tinted, nor will it leave white traces, but it must be applied correctly, after cleaning the surface thoroughly. It is recommended to let the leather dry for a few hours before using it, for optimal results. If you are planning on using it on old items such as furniture, shoes, purses etc., and you want to preserve that new, nourished lather aspect, it is recommended to apply it every 3 months.

What’s to like?

  • It is affordable
  • It is compatible with almost all types of leather
  • It is compatible with all leather colors
  • It is not tinted
  • It has a 4-ounce capacity
  • It moisturizes leather
  • It is made in the USA
  • It comes in a beautiful bottle
  • It contains high-quality ingredients
  • It has clear instructions on the bottle

What’s not to like?

  • It does not clean, it simply nourishes
  • It doesn’t include any other accessories

The products that we presented so far came in small bottles of up to 6 ounces, meaning that they are either suitable for regular, but not so frequent use, or that you have to buy several bottles in order to restore and condition large surfaces of leather. If you are looking for a product that combines the traditional values and methods with a modern approach, but in a larger container, you will love this product. It comes in a 16.91 ounces container that reveals a mix of emu oil, lanolin and beeswax, as well as other great penetrating agents. This Australian formula is designed to soften and condition leather of all kinds. More than that, it is water repellant, which offers it a great advantage. Although it is pricier than other similar products in its category, it is worth your attention due to its ingredients and size.

The Emu oil in this mix is widely known for its benefits. Originating from Australia, it is collected from below the bird’s skin, which carries the same name. Just like when applied on the human skin, it enhanced moisture and absorption, making it less prone to drying out and cracking. This is why it is such a valuable ingredient. Lanolin and beeswax are also extremely useful. Lanolin is also known as wool wax or grease and it is known for its waterproof properties. Giving the fact that it lacks glycerides, it cannot be considered fat. Beeswax, as the name suggests, is produced by bees and it naturally contains a lot of fatty acids and long-chain alcohols. Only the fact that this product contains 3 natural ingredients that prove to be so powerful is enough to prove its quality.

What’s to like?

  • It comes in a large container
  • It has a 16.91 ounce capacity
  • It softens all types of skin
  • It is water repellant
  • It contains beeswax
  • It contains Emu oil
  • It contains Lanolin
  • It protects leather on a long term
  • It is compatible with all leather colors
  • It is also available in packs of 2, 3 or 4

What’s not to like?

  • It is quite sticky, so you have to rub it in until it penetrates the skin properly

The last of this list’s products is another 16-ounce product, for the sake of balance. You should know, however, that the quality of the product isn’t given by the size of its container. Also, most products can be found in packs or larger bottles, too. This conditioner from Pinnacle is worth taking a look at, though. It is a cleaner and a conditioner in one bottle. This isn’t something that you find often. Manufacturers prefer to separate the two, in order to avoid confusion. This product is so easy to use, though, that there is no room for confusion. It is a water-based emulsion with balanced pH that contains a variety of natural oils, as well as ingredients that offer UV protection. The great thing about it is that it lacks solvents and distillates, making it one of the most reliable products out there.

Using it is extremely easy. You simply have to apply it on the leather surface and rub it in with circular motions. Beware, though. The fact that it is a cleaner doesn’t mean that you can apply it on dusty surfaces or leather covered in dirt. Actually, you can, but the result will be mediocre. So make sure that you wipe the surface well enough before starting to apply the conditioner. This product dries fast and leaves leather with a natural satin aspect, as well as a pleasant smell.

What’s to like?

  • It comes in a 16-ounce bottle
  • It is available in 128-ounce bottle
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a spray head
  • It is compatible with all leather types
  • It is a great moisturizer
  • It is a cleaner, too
  • It contains high-quality ingredients
  • It protects against UV rays
  • It restores the leather’s power and beauty
  • It dries quickly
  • It has a pleasant smell

What’s not to like?

  • It is pricier than most similar products

Questions and Answers

How to use leather conditioner?

Leather conditioning is pretty easy, but you have to ensure that you follow all the steps. First of all, clean the surface. Make sure there is no dust, dirt, dies, oils or other traces of product on it. Dry the leather, it should not be wet. Use a lint-free cloth to condition it. Pour a small quantity of product on the cloth and remember that it is not recommended to pour it directly on the leather item. Before rubbing the entire surface, spot test it. Choose a less visible spot and leave the conditioner on for approximately one hour. If the effect is satisfying, you can proceed. 

When rubbing the leather with the conditioner, use circular motions and be gentle. Rub it over entire sections at once. Don’t forget to remove all excess product. After finishing, you should let it rest for a few hours, depending on the temperature indoors, the climate and the humidity in the air. When the product has been fully absorbed, you will notice that the material has a different touch; it will be softer, shinier and will have a moisturized look. It is also recommended to polish it, especially if you will be applying it on shoes. 

What are the different types of leather?

There are several types of leather that manufacturers use when producing shoes, seats, bags and more. The type and quality determine the leather’s durability, as well as its price. They are classified by looking at the surface of the leather and the type of “grain”.  There are 5 types of leather, as follows: full-grain, top-grain, smooth-grain, corrected-grain and split leather. Full grain leather is that with an untouched top layer; while the hair is removed, the surface remains intact. Top-grain leather is sanded and smoothened. Some treatments are applied in order to remove imperfections. As for the smooth-grain, this effect is obtained by removing the first layer of hair. Corrected grain refers to leather that has an artificial grain layer. Last, but not least, split leather is the type that has the top grain separated from the hide. 

How often should you condition leather shoes?

The frequency of conditioning depends on a lot of factors. When deciding how often you will be conditioning leather shoes take into consideration the climate you live in, the product (natural or synthetic), as well as the state of the material. If the shoes are old, then you will need to use such a product more often than in the case of new leather shoes. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, walking, consider applying the treatment once a week. If you choose to use a natural product, know that it will be effective, but you will need to use it more frequently. On the other hand, synthetic conditioners offer great benefits on a longer term, but they tend to be more expensive than natural ones. This also depends on the ingredients of the product, which is why it is important to read the instructions of use before applying it regularly. 

Final Words

Although environmentalists are fighting against the use of leather, this material is still present everywhere. Regardless of your beliefs, if you already own leather items, it is best not to ignore them, making use of them every day without any maintenance, as they will break and crack faster than you expect. It doesn’t matter what type of leather item you are using; it is still very important to take care of it in order to preserve its condition. Leather conditioners are some of the most underrated products on the market, as most of us don’t realize how leather behaves when exposed to damaging factors. Think about leather car seats. 

Did you ever have the chance to see a beautiful car with leather seats that are cracked everywhere? They not only look badly, but they also become extremely uncomfortable. It is enough to leave the car to rest in the sun for a few weeks in order to observe these disastrous effects.  Remember, sun rays, high temperatures, the cold, wind, water, dust, dirt are leather’s most dangerous enemies. Do not hesitate to use the best leather conditioner.