Best Motorcycle Phone Mount of 2022

Product Size Weight Price
Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone - by TACKFORM Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone - by TACKFORM 5 x 4.1 x 4.1 inches 1.6 ounces price
Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount 2.5 x 5.5 x 1 inches 2.24 ounces price
ILM Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount ILM Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount 4.7 x 4.1 x 4.6 inches 10.4 ounces price
Motorcycle Phone Mount with Charger Motorcycle Phone Mount with Charger 4.4 x 4.4 x 2.1 inches 5.3 ounces price
Ram Mounts RAM-B-149Z-UN7U Ram Mounts RAM-B-149Z-UN7U 1.9 x 0.9 x 3.2 inches 11.2 ounces price

Are you tired of always stopping your motorcycle to look at your phone? Or worse, you use your cell-phone while riding? We all must admit that is hard to live without our smartphones nowadays, even when we ride. We live in the era where we take our smartphones literally everywhere. We also know that using our phones while riding also means breaking the law and it can also be dangerous. Being able to safely and easily access your mobile device while riding is a great advantage and you can do it if you mount a phone holder on your bike.

Motorcycle phone mounts are probably some of the most helpful accessories every motorcycle rider should have. There are many reasons why you should consider installing a motorcycle phone holder on your bike:

  • Accessibility – it will be easy to see when someone calls you or when you receive an important message, so you can pull over and answer safely. A motorcycle phone mount transforms your phone into a useful device - you can use it for navigation, as a GPS unit, so you can check the map, the riding time, the distance you have to travel and more so you don’t get lost.
  • Comfort – the motorcycle phone mount can be used as a safe storage compartment for your smartphone.
  • Safety – having your phone easily accessible on your bike will make your ride safer and pleasant since you will have the phone right in front of you and you will not be distracted to take your hands off the handlebars.

There are so many options on the market that finding the perfect motorcycle phone mount can become challenging. They come in different shapes, sizes and have different advantages.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

When it comes to choosing the best motorcycle phone mount, there are some factors you should consider.

Durability - you have to make sure the product you choose is durable, made of resistant materials that will protect your device and won’t break or move around.

Versatility - you have to make sure the phone mount perfectly fits the phone model you own. There are manufacturers that design motorcycle phone mounts for specific phone models, but you want one that is versatile, adjustable and can fit pretty much any model.

Design – this factor is essential not only in terms of aerodynamics, but also in terms of safety. In case of a crash, you don’t want the phone mount to catch on anything and make things worse.

Quick Mounting – when choosing a phone mount for your motorcycle you want to consider one that offers you the possibility to attach and detach easily and quickly your device.

We will save you the hassle of searching for the best motorcycle phone mount. This article is dedicated to review the best motorcycle phone mount for your bike. We have analyzed many products and have chosen the best based on quality, versatility, price and reviews from hundreds of buyers. Here is our list of favorite motorcycle phone mounts:

Best Products of 2022

The first pick on our list of the best motorcycle phone mounts is this Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone from TACKFORM. We know that TACKFORM is an industry leader in mounting solutions for phones and action cameras. This is a great product with many benefits, designed with your comfort in mind. When looking for a complex, reliable, and resistant motorcycle phone mount, this product is the perfect timeless solution to keep your phone safe and secure while you ride. This phone mount is versatile, and it was created to fit your actual phone, but also your next generation devices, offering a large compatibility – it can hold devices up to 3.25” wide.

What we like about this product is that it is designed to last a lifetime. It is constructed from high-strength aluminum, so it will endure the harshest conditions and the roughest terrains while keeping your phone safe. It is very well engineered so you can mount your phone in both portrait and landscape mode and the rock-solid ball and socket joint allow you to rotate the device to your desired viewing angle. The strong steel springs offer you the possibility to easily place and remove your device while keeping it stable. Even if it costs more than other motorcycle phone mounts, the investment is absolutely worth it.

What’s to like:

  • It has two points of articulation, so you can mount it on both straight bars and vertical ape-hangers.
  • It holds your phone safely no matter the terrain you ride.
  • It works with devices ranging from 2” to 3.25” wide, including plus-sized phones.
  • It covers most of the bars on the market from .75” to 1.31” inches diameter.
  • It is very durable.
  • You can easily place and remove your phone with a single hand.
  • It is very easy to install.

What’s not to like:

  • Some users find it necessary to use the rubber strap to hold their phone in place. The product comes with a rubber grappler.

The next pick on our list of the best motorcycle phone mounts is the Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount. As its name suggests, this is a universal motorcycle phone mount that will securely fit almost any cell phone model up to 3.5 inches wide including various iPhone models – X, XR, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5. This phone mount is the perfect choice for any motorcycle enthusiast. What we like most about this product is that it is constructed from a premium, strong plastic combined with a strong silicon net that can stretch up to 4x its normal size.

With this phone mount, you can rest assured your device will be safely secured with six points of contact and the mount will adjust to any angle to offer you the best viewing even during the most intense rides. More than that, this phone mount is fully adjustable and claims to have a universal handlebar clamp that can fit even the smallest or the largest of handlebar sizes – from 7/8” through 1-1/4” diameter. If you don’t like how this product performs or you encounter any problems, you will receive a full refund or replacement.

What’s to like:

  • It is flexible and adjustable to accommodate different phone models.
  • It’s made of resistant materials.
  • It provides a secure and sturdy mount.
  • It has a cool design.
  • It is resistant to road vibrations, no matter where the adventure takes you.
  • It doesn’t change position while riding even at higher speeds.
  • It is easy to install and adjust.
  • It is easy to attach and remove the phone.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty – 100% money back guarantee.
  • It is budget friendly.
  • The customer service is great.

What’s not to like:

  • The rubber holding band slips in rain.
  • Sometimes, phones tend to bounce around a little when going over bumps or riding a rough road.
  • If the phone is a big one, the corner straps cover parts of the display.

Next on our list is this motorcycle phone mount from ILM. We have chosen this gadget because it is designed for power sports. It is constructed from durable aluminum and stainless steel that will hold your device firm and stable even when you ride at high speeds. This is a universal bike phone mount that will fit almost any cell phone up to 3.7 inch wide. It has an interesting design and it comes in two colors – Silver and Black. It fits various handlebar sizes from 3/4” to 1-3/8” in diameter.

Based on reviews, what we like most about this product is that the build quality is great, plus the adjustable 360-degree rotation head that allows ideal positioning for easy viewing. It has a screw mechanism to hold the phone, and you can easily place and remove your device in just a few seconds – you just place phone between the bumpers and tighten the bolts. It is very easy to install on your motorcycle and it looks pretty well even when your phone is not mounted.

What’s to like:

  • It is all made from durable materials – aluminum, stainless steel, and rubber in places where the phone is placed and where the mount touches the bike.
  • It is very solid.
  • It is resistant to vibration.
  • It doesn’t move at high speeds and rough trails.
  • It is budget friendly.
  • It comes with all the necessary tools you need to install it.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.

What’s not to like:

  • Some users found it difficult to install.
  • The screws are not long enough for some handlebars.
  • Depending on the handlebars, the mount doesn’t adjust sideways, and phone doesn’t face exactly the rider.

We continue our list of the best motorcycle phone holders with this one from Leepiya that brings something new and very useful – you can charge your device on the go. This motorcycle phone mount keeps your phone safe and charged all the time thanks to its built in 5V 2.4A USB charging port. When mounting the product on your bike, you connect the wires to your motorcycle’s battery and that is, you will keep your devices up and running throughout your adventures. And you don’t have to worry about riding in inclement weather because this products comes with a waterproof cover that keeps the charging port safe. Just like the other motorcycle phone mounts we have reviewed so far, this one also offers universal compatibility and is fully adjustable to hold on devices from 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches.

It is compatible with all modern smartphones. It also has a smart design to fit any motorcycle handlebar with the diameter between 0.8 to 1.3 inches. The 360° rotation offers the rider endless flexibility and makes this product a great choice for all motorcycle enthusiasts out there. More than that, it is constructed from durable ABS plastic. The one touch lock/release mechanism and the flexible nylon clamps will firmly and safely hold your phone regardless of shocks and vibrations, offering you full access to the display, buttons, and ports.

What’s to like:

  • It is constructed from durable materials.
  • It is very easy to install, no special tools required.
  • It provides 360° rotation and a precise viewing angle for the user.
  • It has a cool design.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty – you get your money back if you are not satisfied with the purchase.
  • It is budget friendly.

What’s not to like:

  • For some users, the charging port didn’t work.

Last but not least, this phone mount is one of the best on the market, based on positive reviews and customer experiences. What we like most about this product is its sleek design and the quality of the materials used – it is made of high strength composite and stainless steel which make it the perfect option if you use to ride in extreme conditions. More than that, this phone mount from RAM is compatible with many devices, including Apple iPhone 6, 6S, 6S Plus, iPod Touch, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, S7. With a RAM patented rubber ball and socket system, this phone mount provides infinite adjustment and numerous viewing angles. The device is fixed with an X-Grip cradle that expands and contracts for a maximum custom fit for your device.

What’s to like:

  • It comes with complete installation hardware.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • Inserting and removing the device is easy.
  • It includes tether for open cockpit and extreme riding environments.
  • It is well built and durable.
  • It performs great even at high speeds.

What’s not to like:

  • For some devices, the rubber tips of the arms squeezed against the device’s power button.
  • It doesn’t include installation instructions.

Questions and Answers

Why should you use a motorcycle phone mount?

The fact that you are driving a motorcycle shouldn’t mean that you should be limiting your options when it comes to technology. Contrary to the popular opinion, looking at your phone while driving a motorcycle is no more dangerous than doing so while driving a car or any other type of vehicle. Phone mounts for motorcycles are accessories that simply allow you to keep your phone close. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you will be using it while driving, as it would be practically impossible, especially on a sports motorcycle. 

The reason why most drivers prefer to use a phone mount is that they can use driving and GPS apps, just like car drivers. Not being able to see your trajectory or having to stop once in a while in order to check the map can be very frustrating. What this accessory does is offer the comfort of keeping the phone close, in order for you to prevent getting lost. If you haven’t used one before, you should know that it is easy to mount, most models are very durable and capable of protecting your phone, while maintain a stable position. 

Is it safe to use a phone mount on your motorcycle?

Using a phone mount while driving a motorcycle isn’t only safe, but it is also recommended. The other option that you have is to keep it in your pocket or backpack, which means that you will feel anxious, curious and you might even feel tense whenever it will ring or vibrate. This leads to more destructive behaviours, such as trying to take it out of the pocket and trying to see the information on the screen without being able to safely control the motorcycle. When you own a phone mount, you have your phone close at all times, you can see who is calling, ignore the calls, see messages, but more importantly, you have visibility over your route. At the same time, you can access traffic apps and get continuous updates that will help you save time, without having to use your hands whatsoever. 

When should you use your phone if you are a motorcycle driver?

Just to be clear, it is not recommended, under any circumstances, to use your phone in order to answer calls, reply to texts, take pictures or check social media accounts. Giving the fact that motorcycles are much more unstable than cars, a second of lack of attention is enough in order to be hit by a car or hit an obstacle on the road and fall. The phone and phone mount should only be used to secure your phone on the vehicle, have it at your disposal in order to avoid any stress and as a traffic assistant, just like you would use a GPS device. If you are planning to use it or something else, you should know that neither manufacturers, nor experienced drivers can endorse your actions. 

Final Words

Searching for the best motorcycle phone mount can be a difficult task. You have to make sure you choose a high-quality, reliable product in order to make sure your phone will remain in place while you ride.

Regardless of your choice, it is very important to remember one thing - mounting a phone holder on your bike might be a great upgrade but try as much as possible to use your phone only when necessary in order to avoid distraction!