Best Multimeter of 2022

Product Size Weight Price
Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter 6.6 x 3.3 x 1.8 inches 1.59 pounds price
INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter 2 x 10 x 5 inches 10.4 ounces price
AstroAI Digital Multimeter AstroAI Digital Multimeter 8.7 x 2.3 x 6.7 inches 1.34 pounds price
Mastech MS8268 Series Digital Multimeter Mastech MS8268 Series Digital Multimeter 7.7 x 1.7 x 3.6 inches 14.1 ounces price
Multimeter, Tacklife DM07 6000 Multimeter, Tacklife DM07 6000 5.2 x 2.4 x 8.3 inches 1.36 pounds price

Multimeters are excellent, practical devices that can be used to measure a lot of values in the electrical field, such as voltage, current, continuity and resistance. Both analog and digital multimeters are capable of measuring these values, but in today’s article we will be discussing about digital products that are proved to be a lot more effective and accurate. As technology advances, we tend to buy products that make our lives easier and that ensure the safety and accuracy of our work.

Digital multimeters are produced by some of the well-reputed manufacturers on the market, so you can find a good device that does the job it was built for everywhere you look.

However, it is important to know exactly what you want to use it for, as not all multimeters can serve all purposes. Different models have different functions; some have a very basic operation, while others are incredibly complex. As you can imagine, the level of complexity is directly proportional with the price of a multimeter, which is another reason why you should choose the right model for your needs.

Choosing a multimeter that fits your requirements should be easy once you start analysing your needs. However, regardless of these needs, there are a few elements that you should look for in any multimeter:

  • Sturdiness
  • The quality of materials
  • Safety features
  • Ease of use
  • Target experience level
  • Level of accuracy

If you are looking for a multimeter right now, you should look at the 5 products that we have reviewed below for your ease. These are some of the most popular multimeters on the market. While reviewing them, we have highlighted some of the most important pros and cons, based on personal observations and consumer feedback, to help you form an opinion right away. Check them out below:

Best Products of 2022

If you are an electrician who wants to do his jobs as best as he can, and you need a good multimeter that is both durable and accurate, then you should take a good look at this product from Fluke. The 117 model is one of the most popular among electricians, as it is safe, reliable and easy to use. It can be used for a variety of applications, especially electrical troubleshooting. Whether you have a damaged battery, plug, circuit or more complex electrical systems that need to be checked, this product can show the most accurate values on its screen. The main reasons why consumers choose this model are the following: it has non-contact voltage detection, it can measure voltage, current, frequency and capacitance, it uses VoltAlert technology, it has AutoVolt automatic AC/DC voltage selection and has low input impedance.

When using the 117 model, you can be sure that false readings are prevented efficiently. Also, it features True RMS, which means that the device can perform measurements on non-linear loads. It has a beautiful design, it is highly practical, and it comes with a large display and LED backlight that allows you to troubleshoot any electrical system even in the dark. This device operates at temperatures between -10 and 50 degrees Celsius. It comes with a stand, so you can place it on any flat surface while working. The box includes two 4mm silicone test leads, too. As for its warranty, its manufacturer covers it for a period of 3 years.

What’s to like?

  • It is fairly priced
  • It has a practical design
  • It is small and lightweight
  • It measures frequency
  • It measures resistance
  • It measures continuity
  • It measures voltage and current
  • It can perform diode test
  • It has low input impedance
  • It has an analog bargraph
  • It is cat III 600 V CAT rated
  • It has non-contact voltage detection
  • It has a large display
  • It has backlight
  • It is easy to use
  • It is covered by a 3-year warranty

What’s not to like?

  • It does not come with a case

Are you looking for one of the most affordable multimeters on the market, but at the same time you need a reliable tool for electrical troubleshooting tasks? In this case, Innova’s model is an option that you should consider. The manufacturer is well-known for delivering high-quality products to its consumers, at reasonable prices. This is a certified product that can be used for home or professional tasks, such as detecting electrical flaws in a circuit or troubleshooting a faulty plug. It has a rugged design that makes it more durable than you think. Also, it has a practical shape and a display that makes it easy to read the values while working.

This product features auto-ranging scales, which means that it is no longer necessary to dial in a correct range during testing. It is capable to measure current, voltage, as well as resistance. Its hands-free testing feature allow the user to measure the desired value without using the hands. The device has a built-in stand and a wrist strap that makes it a lot easier to keep it close yet have the hands free. As far as safety is concerned, the 3320 model has reverse polarity protection, auto-ranging and automatic shut-off. It comes with protective rubber guards and has a low battery indicator. Although this is a great product for the money, it has its downsides, too. For instance, in order to measure DC current, you need to wait 15 minutes after each 15-second testing, which could be annoying at one point.

What’s to like?

  • It is inexpensive
  • It is nicely designed
  • It has a built-in stand
  • It has a wrist strap
  • It features auto-ranging
  • It has 10MegOhm input impedance
  • It is versatile and can be used for many applications
  • It measures resistance
  • It measures current
  • It measures voltage
  • It has a large display
  • It has low battery indicator
  • It has a protective rubber guard
  • It is UL certified
  • It includes test leads and holders
  • It has auto-shut-off features

What’s not to like?

  • A 15-minute pause is required after amps testing
  • It doesn’t have a work light or back light

This product from AstroAI is one of the most popular choices of electricians, thanks to its wide range of functions, great design and reliability. It is inexpensive, it has a large display and a lot of exciting capabilities. This device can be used to test AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, continuity, frequency, capacitance, as well as to perform diode test. More than that, it has a built-in temperature sensor that helps you read the temperature immediately. It features the auto-ranging function, it has TrueRMS for AC current and voltage measurements and it has a large LCD screen that has backlight that can be extremely helpful in dark spaces.

This is a digital multimeter that is suitable for both home use and professional use, as it works well in industrial environments. It has a heavy-duty design, a hanging magnet and a kickstand that make it very comfortable to use while using your hands for other tasks. It has explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes, as well as double protection. Safety-wise, it also has overload protection on all ranges. Another interesting feature is its multi-function socket that has the ability to measure capacitors and transistors.

What’s to like?

  • It is inexpensive
  • It has a heavy-duty design
  • It has a digital display
  • It measures temperature
  • It measures frequency and capacitance
  • It measures current and voltage
  • It can test continuity
  • It can perform external current test
  • It has reverse polarity protection
  • It has overload protection
  • It has low battery indicator
  • It works on batteries
  • It has a 2 times/second sampling speed
  • It has a large display
  • It has backlight
  • It can test transistors and capacitors
  • It comes with a hanging magnet
  • It includes test leads

What’s not to like?

  • Backlight timeouts are too short

Another inexpensive digital multimeter that electricians prefer to use is the MS8268 from Mastech. It is a product that comes at a great price and offers value for the money. It has great specs for a simple product such as this one. By comparison to the other products in this list, it has automatic and manual ranging, as well as relative measurements for al tests, except for frequency tests. It can measure AC/DC up to 1000V/10a, resistance, frequency, capacitance and duty cycle. It has a compact design that makes it easy to use, a backlit LCD display and a LED and sound warning system.

From a safety perspective, this device was built to protect the user at all times. It has automatic shut-off function and overload protection. It is easy to use and has intuitive keys, so you will be able to perform the measurements you need even if you don’t have a lot of experience. It is a great product for home and commercial use. As for the warranty, it is covered by a 1-year warranty by its manufacturer. One of the features that most users love on this multimeter is that it has a temperature and humidity sensor built-in.

What’s to like?

  • It is inexpensive
  • It provides precise readings
  • It has a heavy-duty design
  • It has auto-holding feature
  • It has a large display
  • It has auto-ranging
  • It has sound warnings
  • It has LED alerts
  • It has temperature and humidity sensors
  • It has a large LCD display
  • It is backlit
  • It can be used at home or in commercial environments
  • It is CAT III 600V and CAT II 1000 V safety rated
  • It is sturdy
  • It is covered by a one-year warranty

What’s not to like?

  • Continuity testing is quite slow

Tacklife has to offer another affordable multimeter that is ideal for beginner electricians or those who want to be able to troubleshoot electrical systems in their own home. It is easy to use, it has a rugged design and an ergonomic shape that makes it easy to manoeuvre. Also, it has large range measuring, 6000 counts auto-ranging and can measure DC voltage up to 1000V, AC voltage up to 750V, AC/DC current up to 10A and resistance up to 60MΩ. More than that, it is capable of measuring capacitance and has a type K thermocouple. It displays the values it measures in about 2-3 seconds on a 2.7 inches display that is backlit. This helps you use the device even in the darkest places. To help even further, it is equipped with a flashlight that can be enabled easily.

This multimeter has CAT IV 600 V, as well as CAT III 1000V safety rating. It is equipped with an LED that sends light alerts depending o the density of the signal. Also, it has audio alerts, so that you will be properly notified whenever AC voltage is detected. To prevent power waste, it has an auto power-off function which can be cancelled if you don’t want to use it. The box includes test leads, the K-type thermocouple, batteries and a comprehensive user manual. This product is covered by a 24-month warranty.

What’s to like?

  • It is inexpensive
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • It is sturdy
  • It has auto-ranging
  • It can measure AC/DC voltage and current
  • It measures resistance
  • It measures capacitance
  • It performs diode test
  • It measures frequency
  • It measures continuity
  • It has non-contact voltage detection
  • It includes a flashlight
  • It has a large display that is backlit
  • It has audio and LED alerts
  • It includes the batteries
  • It includes a K-type thermocouple
  • It has a 2-year warranty

What’s not to like?

  • The backlight and flashlight only work together

Questions and Answers

What are the advantages of a digital multimeter?

Multimeters are some of the most versatile tools that can help you measure a lot of electrical values, as well as temperature. Although analog multimeters have been popular for a very long time, their modern alternative, the digital models, have gained even more popularity among electricians and DIY enthusiasts. Their main advantages have to do with the accuracy and ease of use that every professional and amateur need. The great thing about them is that they can be used in a multitude of situations. If you are a beginner and you aren’t sure if it is the right tool for the values that you are trying to determine in your daily work, you should know that they are capable of doing more than you realize. 

Digital multimeters provide high output impedance, reduce interpolation errors, don’t need adjustment in DMM, feature auto-polarity, eliminate parallax errors, let you measure time and frequency and can be used to measure voltage, current and resistance. More than that, a digital multimeter can be used to test meter loading effects on electrical circuits, to test continuity, to measure duty cycle, as well as capacitance and inductance. Another advantage has to do with the design. Most such products are portable, easy to use, easy to carry and intuitive to control.   

What are the top features that make multimeters awesome?

Digital multimeters and not only, are devices that can prove to be extremely useful at home and at work. Besides from being practical and highly functional, they have features that are difficult not to observe and enjoy. The fact that they are highly accurate, that they have auto output display and polarity function makes an electrician’s work so much easier. At first, every electrician or amateur wants such a tool for its capability to check voltage, or for AC or DC circuit detection, to be more specific. Being able to check resistance, current, continuity, duty cycle and capacitance is useful and makes daily tasks more enjoyable. 

What are a digital multimeter’s limitations?

Advanced technology comes with a lot of advantages, but once we have access to it, we often live with the impression that it should do more than it was created for. Just like any other device, digital multimeters also have their limitations. For instance, analog multimeters work well even when measurements fluctuate. Unlike those traditional devices, digital ones record fluctuations but don’t represent them. Another aspect that you should be taking into consideration is that you must really know your needs in order to find a multimeter that will serve you well. Otherwise, you might end up buying one that is advanced and high-quality, but doesn’t measure the values that you need the most. Last, but not least, it is important to remember that not all multimeters are designed for professional use. Some are meant to do basic measurements and are rather designed for amateurs. The price of the device is the first factor to consider when determining the quality and capabilities of a multimeter. 

Final Words

The best multimeter is the one that can fulfill all your needs and exceed your expectations in terms of safety. If you are an electrical engineer, a mechanic or a person who like to take care of the home’s problems on your own, then you surely need a device that is safe and efficient. The products in our list are some of the most reliable on the market, made by experienced manufacturers who focus on quality and results. Another important thing to know is that multimeters are also rated taking into consideration the number and complexity of functions they have. For instance, an electrician who works in poorly lit spaces will always need a working light or a backlit screen. If this feature isn’t present, then the device is no good, no matter how good and reliable it is.

When looking for multimeters, it is also a good thing to search for versatility. If you are a DIYer or you work with electricity, you might want your multimeter to be capable of more than one thing. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget about setting a budget. Investing too much in a device that you won’t be using on a daily basis could be a waste and the other way around.