Best Running Boards reviews of 2018

If you own an SUV, a truck, a van or another tall vehicle, you know how difficult can be to get in and out of the car especially for children, old people, and for passengers that are on the shorter side. Getting into your car doesn’t have to feel like climbing a mountain so, the best solution is to use running boards – the perfect accessories you can add to your truck or SUV to make life easier for you and your passengers.

In this post, we will take you through the best running boards available on the market. We have selected 5 of the best-selling running boards based on their features, popularity, and consumer feedback.

If you are just starting, you may want to know what are running boards first.

What is a running board?

Sometimes called footboard, a running board is an external vehicle accessory, usually located beneath the doors and running along the side of the car, that acts as a step (or ladder) for passengers. Running boards were installed on the earliest cars and carriages for safety and convenience, but are still used nowadays on modern vehicles for both style and functionality purposes. Back in the days, when the first automobiles entered production, running boards were a mandatory design element because vintage cars sat higher of the ground than modern cars. This is the main reason why running boards slightly disappeared when the modern vehicle models started to have a lower ground clearance. But, with the increasing popularity of SUVs, running boards made a powerful comeback.

Why do you need running boards?

Running boards are a stylish addition to your vehicle and can make an SUV appear more attractive and imposing. Besides style, these accessories serve multiple purposes:


Product Size Weight Rating Price
APS iBoard Running Boards APS iBoard Running Boards 4-6 inches 33 pounds 4.9/5 price
For 07-18 Chevy Silverado Running Board For 07-18 Chevy Silverado Running Board 6 inches 43 pounds 4.9/5 price
For 01-16 Silverado Running Board For 01-16 Silverado Running Board 6 inches 32 pounds 4.8/5 price
Off-Road 6.5 Off-Road 6.5" Aluminum Running Boards 6.5 inches 35 pounds 4.8/5 price
Gevog 6 Gevog 6" Aluminum Running Boards 6 inches 41.5 pounds 4.7/5 price

Best Products of 2018


APS iBoard Running Boards

These fantastic APS iBoard black-powdered coated 6” running boards are our top choice. The iBoard brand has been around for years and they specialized in developing some of the best running boards for SUVs and trucks. These new generation running boards developed by APS are designed to add a touch of class and a distinct look to your vehicle. With their unique, clean, flat profile design, these accessories are designed to look and feel different. Not to mention that they are built to last from strong, rust resistant aluminum, so you can drive during inclement weather without fearing the erosion. Combined with the heavy duty brackets, these X-Large aluminum side steps with full coverage step pads can support up to 300 lbs without bending.

The rigged rubber top provides a non-slip and continuous footing along the entire length of the bar, which makes these running boards even more comfortable as they offer you and your passengers seamless access to your vehicle.

These iBoard running boards are very easy to install, no drilling is required. It should take you less than one hour to bolt the steps on to the vehicle’s rocker panel or frame.

What’s to like:

  • You can install them yourself. The package contains all the instructions, plus both passenger and driver side boards and the mounting hardware.
  • They are durable, they look great and work perfectly after several months of heavy use.
  • They offer plenty of space to step on.
  • They are very easy to clean.

What’s not to like:

  • The instructions are not very clear.
  • The hardware is mild steel and doesn’t seem to be coated very well.
  • Some users complained that what they ordered didn’t fit their vehicles and required modifications, so you must pay attention to the compatibility checker before placing the order.


For 07-18 Chevy Silverado Running Board

For our second choice, we went with the 07-18 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra Crew Cab 6" Stainless Steel OE Style Side Step Nerf Bar Running Boards. When it comes to look and utility, these running boards will give your ride a boost. The running boards from Auto Dynasty combine the stylish appearance with a rugged look, making them the perfect choice to upgrade your SUV or truck.

Aside from the stylish design, these running boards are crafted from high-quality grade ABS Plastic and durable, rust-resistant, stainless steel. They are highly corrosion resistant, so you can rest assured they will withstand the test of time and will survive in the harshest weather and road conditions. These 6-inch running boards come with large, non-skid molded pads that ensure secure footing, so getting in and out of the vehicle will be a breeze. Installing them is easy and you can do it yourself.

What’s to like:

  • Are very easy to install, no drill required. It will take you less than an hour to mount them right into the factory mounting points. Vehicle specific mounting brackets are included, as well as the installation hardware.
  • Their functional design adds a unique look to your vehicle, while providing a safe step up into it. You can choose between two finishes – chrome and black.
  • The wonderful price fits any budget.
  • Up to 350 lbs weight capacity.

What’s not to like:

  • Instructions are not included, and for some users installation was a challenge. Even without instruction, most users agreed that they are very easy to put on.


For 01-16 Silverado Running Board

These Auto Dynasty 01-16 Silverado/Sierra Crew Cab 5" Oval Side Step Nerf Bar Running Boards are considered one of the best on the market for both your vehicle and your bank account. These high quality nerf bars are built from durable, rust-resistant, stainless steel and ABS Plastic, and are available in a single finish option – polished chrome.

With a practical and sleek design, these nerf bars are compatible with 01-16 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab and 01-16 GMC Sierra Crew Cab. When these accessories were constructed, the main assigned purpose was to protect the vehicle’s underbody from damage, and they don’t disappoint. They are rock-solid, stylish, and cost effective, but what makes them favorites among users is the slip-resistant 5-inch rubber steps pads for comfortable vehicle entry and exit.

These nerf bars are easy to install even by those with little inclination for mechanic gadgets. Plus, compared with the previous Auto Dynasty running boards, instructions are included. You can install them yourself in less than an hour; no drilling required, you just have to bolt them on to existing factory mounts.

What’s to like:

  • With their great design, you will really turn heads with these rocking and extremely attractive nerf bars.
  • Are very easy to install, no drilling required. Pack includes vehicle specific mounting brackets, hardware, and instructions.
  • The price is great comparing with the high quality of the product.

What’s not to like:

  • The instructions are vague and misleading, and many customers complained that it took a while to figure out the instructions, but once they did, the installation was a breeze.


Off-Road 6.5" Aluminum Running Boards

The iArmor running boards are the perfect choice if you are looking for stylish, corrosion-proof, and fuel efficient running boards for your vehicle. iArmor running boards are designed for both style and functionality. Whether you want to add an impressive and aggressive look to your SUV, or you just want to add some functionality, iArmor offers these versatile, wide running boards.

These accessories are compact, featuring a 1-piece design that allows an easy installation. The unique patented square tube design, coated black for an aggressive look, will make your SUV or truck stand out, while the dual girder system provides extra protection against impact and road debris. The extra wide 6.5” surface is designed for ultimate comfort and provides a strong step up into your vehicle. Plus, the grille openings on the step plates allow dirt, ice and water to pass through, keeping the running boards clean and safe.

The running boards are constructed from high-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum and the side steps are capable of supporting up to 300 lbs. The running boards are black powder coated for extra rust resistance and UV protection.

Whether a DIYer or not quite mechanically inclined, you will find the 6.5” Side iArmor Aluminum Running Board easy to install. Just like the Auto Dynasty running boards, instructions, brackets, and the necessary installation hardware are all included in the package.

iArmor running boards are specifically designed to fit a wide variety of vehicles including: 2007 – 2018 Chevrolet Suburban GMC Sierra Crew Cab, 2007 – 2018 Chevrolet Silverado GMC Sierra HD Crew Cab (Incl. Diesel models with DEF tanks).

What’s to like:

  • With their unique design, these are the perfect addition for an aggressive off-road look.
  • Are constructed from high-quality aluminum.
  • Are easy to install (installation hardware included).
  • These running boards have a dual function: serve as both running boards and rock sliders.

What’s not to like:

  • The instructions are not very clear.
  • For some users, installation was tough.


Gevog 6" Aluminum Running Boards

The Gevog 6” Aluminum Running Boards are a surefire addition to your truck or SUV. Great look and performance were combined when these running boards were constructed. The high quality of the materials used for their production, aluminum plus stainless steel, maximizes rust and corrosion protection.

These 6-inch running-boards have a unique design that’s sure to improve the look of your vehicle. The pads are covered with a slip-resistant plastic providing a secure, comfortable, and slip-proof access to the cab in any climate.

Aside from the stylish design and durability, you will love how easy these accessories can be installed. You can do it yourself, but professional installation is highly recommended for the best results. Once mounted, you can expect your brand new running boards to last for a long time. These accessories are also sturdy and durable, and each of these boards can support up to 500 lbs and remain totally straight.

While these running boards fit a lot of models, they don’t fit the Diesel sub-model, with the tank on the passenger side.

What’s to like:

  • The installation process is very easy – direct bolt-on. The installation hardware is included.
  • They serve a dual function: they add an aggressive and metallic look on your vehicle, but at the same time they provide side protection which makes them perfect for off-road use.
  • The non-slip step pads provide optimum safety and comfort for all passengers.
  • These running boards are well priced.

What’s not to like:

  • The installation instructions are not included.
  • Bolts are not so well made, some customers replaced the bolts with better ones.
  • Some users considered the installation process difficult, so they needed professional assistance.

Final Words

With so many models, designs, brands, and features, choosing the best running boards available on the market can be challenging.

Whatever the purpose to install running boards to your vehicle, this is not an easy task. There are a lot of excellent running boards on the market, with different pros and cons. You want your running boards to last, to provide the most secure stepping space, to look good and improve the overall aspect of your vehicle. We hope this short guide has given you some useful information that will help you select the best ones for your needs and purposes.

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