Best Shock Absorbers of 2022

Product Size Weight Price
Suspa C16-08054 C1608054 20-inch Gas Prop Suspa C16-08054 C1608054 20-inch Gas Prop 19.7 x 2 x 2 inches 1 pounds price
ACDelco 580-1091 GM Original Equipment Rear Air Lift ACDelco 580-1091 GM Original Equipment Rear Air Lift 4.1 x 28.8 x 3.7 inches 9.13 pounds price
BuyAutoParts 75-835332N BuyAutoParts 75-835332N 30 x 10 x 11 inches 14 pounds price
Bilstein 24-187374 Monotube Shock Absorber, Rear Bilstein 24-187374 Monotube Shock Absorber, Rear 26.8 x 3 x 2.9 inches 5 pounds price
Monroe 58640 Load Adjusting Shock Absorber Monroe 58640 Load Adjusting Shock Absorber 29.5 x 7.2 x 3.7 inches 11.02 pounds price
Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 Series Rear Shock Absorber Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 Series Rear Shock Absorber 26.6 x 3.1 x 3 inches 5.7 pounds price
KYB KG5501 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock KYB KG5501 Gas-a-Just Gas Shock 15.2 x 2.8 x 2.6 inches 2.69 pounds price

Shock absorbers are one of the most vital parts of any car. When your vehicle starts shaking and bouncing because you are driving on uneven roads or hitting potholes, the shock absorbers are the ones that make sure you don’t run off the road. Not just that, but shock absorbers are also diminishing the consequences of driving on bad roads so that you don’t need to repair your broken suspension system or bent rims. This is why shock absorbers play such a crucial role in the performances of cars.

Most shock absorbers are guaranteed to operate for around 100,000 miles, but what do you do when they run out? Here is where we come in. Today we are going to present the top seven best shock absorbers that you can purchase online. We know that not everyone is a professional mechanic, and this is why we are also going to answer the internet’s most asked questions about shock absorbers and present you with a buying guide. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Best Products of 2022

The first product on our list is the Suspa C16-08054 C1608054. The reason why we are kicking things off with the shock absorber from Suspa it is one of the bestselling products on Amazon. This is thanks to the fact that the Suspa C16-08054 C1608054 does a fantastic job when it comes to driving performances. Your car will feel more stable right from the very first moment that you mount the shock absorber and take it for a ride.

The feature that makes the Suspa shock absorbers stand out is their versatility. The shock absorbers are adjustable, and therefore, you can use them on different car models starting with regular sedans and ending with big trucks. In fact, the Suspa C16-08054 C1608054 are known for being the best shocks for lifted trucks. The supported capacity of these shocks is 100lbs, which is more than enough for most vehicles.

You will get a set of two shocks that feature 10mm nylon ball sockets as end fittings. For those who are unfamiliar with shock absorbers, they should know that 10mm nylon ball sockets are easy to install. Talking about the installation process, we want to highlight that the Suspa C16-08054 C1608054 measure in at 11.8-inch, and they can expand up to 19.7-inch.


Adjustable size;
10mm nylon ball sockets (easy installation);
Premium quality;
The shocks support up to 100lbs;
The set includes two shock absorbers.


The price is high;
The shocks are not bundled with braces.

ACDelco is a leader in the car parts industry, and a fun fact about this company is that it is an OEM for General Motors (GM). The partnership with General Motors shows us that ACDelco manufacturers premium-quality products and the shock absorbers featured in the picture above are not an exception to that rule. Additionally, the ACDelco 580-1091 shocks are perfect for all General Motors cars, trucks, and utility vehicles.

The famous brand is not the only thing that you will get by purchasing these shock absorbers. The manufacturer wants the installation process to be simple. This is why ACDelco is including the mounts and all the other parts that are required for installation. You are guaranteed to see an improvement in the handling and comfort of your vehicle after installing the ACDelco 580-1091. We also want to highlight that the stroke length for these shocks is 7.37-inch.

According to reviews from multiple mechanics, these shock absorbers are ideal for light-duty trucks and sports utility vehicles that are usually being driven on bad roads. Nonetheless, your vehicle will feel smoother and safer for years to come if you decide to go with the ACDelco 580-1091 shock absorbers.


Official replacement parts for GM vehicles;
Ideal for light-duty trucks and sports utility vehicles;
The shocks ship with all the required parts for installation;
The stroke length is 7.37-inch;
Premium quality.


· A specialist is required to replace the OEM shocks.

On the third spot, we have the rear air shock set from BestBuyAutoParts. The standout feature that these shocks offer is their ability to replace the electronic dampening by using standard gas shocks. This is good news for people who are looking for a reliable product because standard gas shocks are renowned for their durability. This is due to the fact that this type of shocks can retain the air and provide automatic leveling. Moreover, the BuyAutoParts 75-835332N shocks sport a versatile design that will fit vehicles just like an OEM part.

We want to note that BestBuyAutoParts is one of the world’s biggest and most reputable suppliers of car parts. The reason why this matters is that you can rely on the company to provide you with stellar customer support and quality products. Since we are talking about the reliability of the BuyAutoParts 75-835332N shocks, it is worth mentioning that they feature ISO/TS 16949 certification, which guarantees their premium build.

If you decide to go with the BuyAutoParts 75-835332N shocks, then you will receive a set of two shock absorbers. Therefore, both sides of your vehicle will perform at the same level. Furthermore, the manufacturer is bundling the shocks with carbon steel mounts that make the installation a much easier process. Additionally, the shocks are designed for big cars such as Chevy Tahoe, Suburban Avalanche. GMC Yukon, and Cadillac Escalade.


Premium quality;
The set includes two shock absorbers;
ISO/TS 16949 certification;
Ideal for Chevy Tahoe, Suburban Avalanche. GMC Yukon, and Cadillac Escalade.
Renowned and reliable manufacturer;
Easy installation.


· The shock absorbers don’t do very well on rough roads.

Bilstein is another leader in the car parts industry that has established its brand as a household name by manufacturing premium products. The Bilstein 24-187374 is known for being a direct-fit solution for lifted trucks and SUVs. This is why the shock absorbers have earned the fourth spot on our list. What makes these shocks perfect for lifted trucks and SUVs is their monotube design. This design offers fade-free performances, and to top it all off, it uses a digressive piston that adapts to the changing road conditions.

Since this is a company that manufacturers premium products, then no one should be surprised to find out that all the components used in the construction of the Bilstein 24-187374 shocks are coated in zinc to enhance their resistance against corrosion. You are guaranteed to use the Bilstein 24-187374 shocks for the upcoming years, but that’s not all! The manufacturer is also offering a lifetime warranty so you can rest assured knowing that you will not be required to purchase a new set of shock absorbers anytime soon.

The biggest problem that most people have to deal with when it comes to aftermarket shock absorbers is the installation. More than often, you will be required to visit a specialist, but luckily, this is not going to be the case for the Bilstein 24-187374 shocks. The manufacturer has equipped the shock absorbers with a rather straightforward installation system that doesn’t require any special tools.


The shocks are perfect for lifted trucks and SUVs;
All components are coated in zinc for corrosion protection;
You are getting a lifetime warranty;
Easy installation;
Monotube design.


·The set contains only one shock absorber.

If you are looking for affordable shock absorbers that are reliable, then your search ends here. The Monroe 58640 shocks ship in a set of two, and despite their low price, they are still equipped with premium features such as all-weather fluid. The shock absorbers contain special modifiers that have been specially designed to reduce friction. This is a fantastic feature because it guarantees a smooth rod reaction, and it ensures that the shocks will not wear out in only a couple of months.

One of the best things about the Monroe 58640 shocks is the fact that they are adjustable. The manufacturer has focused on providing a high level of comfort, and this is why the Monroe 58640 shocks can be adjusted to the exact added weight before driving. If the versatility of the shock absorbers doesn’t impress you, then you should know that they can withstand up to 1,100lbs of extra weight. This is quite impressive.

Another impressive feature that the shock absorbers offer is the fluon banded piston. This feature makes sure that the sealing between the piston and the pressure tube is constant. Therefore, your car is going to drive better on bad roads. On the downside of things, the shocks are compatible only with RAM 1500 vehicles. Mounting them on RAM 2500 vehicles requires modifications, and this is never a good idea.


An all-weather fluid that reduces friction;
The shocks support up to 1,100lbs of weight;
Fluon banded piston;
The shocks are adjustable;
Great price.


· Only compatible with RAM 1500 vehicles.

The Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 shocks are a bestselling product, and there is a good reason for that. These shock absorbers are selling for a reasonable price, and they are compatible with different car models. Therefore, you are no longer stuck with shock absorbers that are compatible with a single model and require special modification such as welding to function.
The reviews for the Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 shocks are showing that they do amazing in terms of car handling and comfort. Your car will feel safer on tough roads right from the very first moment that you mount these shock absorbers. Another essential feature that we want to mention is that the shocks will work up to a 2-inch lift.

Even though it might seem that these shock absorbers are ideal only for people who want to improve the handling of their cars when driving on bad roads, this is not the case. The Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 shocks feature strong coupling, and therefore, they will do an excellent job for heavy hauling. With that said, you should consider purchasing the Bilstein (24-186742) 5100 shocks if you are in search of versatile shock absorbers that deliver reliable performances.


Great price;
The shocks are compatible with multiple car models;
The comfort and handling improvements are amazing;
The shocks work with up to a 2-inch lift;
You can use the shocks for heavy hauling.


· None.

We are going to end our list with the KYB KG5501 Gas-a-Just Gas shocks. What sets this product apart from all the others on our list is that it aims to take the handling of vehicles to the next level. The monotube design is proof of that. As previously noted, shock absorbers that use a monotube design are great at adapting to different road conditions, and therefore, you will always be able to handle your car, even if the road is bad.

If you live in an area with bad roads, then you can’t go wrong with the KYB KG5501 Gas-a-Just Gas shock absorbers. The manufacturer has implemented a unique design that features two separate chambers that are air-free. Thus, the hydraulic piston has outstanding gas pressure and can provide an instant boost in handling and performances. The manufacturer is stating that these shocks offer 25% more damping performance than standard OEM shock absorbers.

According to multiple reviews, the KYB KG5501 Gas-a-Just Gas shock absorbers work very well with cars that use larger wheels. Although there is a downside that we need to mention, the shock absorbers are stiff, and it will take a couple of days before you get used to them. However, this is worth the while because your car will be more stable even if you are driving on bad roads.


The shocks focus on improving handling;
Monotube design;
Air-less chambers for an instant boost in handling;
The shocks are great for larger wheels;
They provide 25% more damping performance than standard OEM shock absorbers.


· The shocks are stiff, and it takes some time to get used to them.

Final Words

Shock Absorbers – Buying Guide

If you are not sure what shock absorbers are best for your car, then you need to take into consideration the following factors:

·        Compatibility

The first thing that you should do when searching for shock absorbers for your vehicle, or any parts for that matter, is to make sure that they are compatible. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the headache of sending back the car part and trying to get a full refund. Fortunately, you will have an easy time figuring out if a product is compatible with your car because most shock absorbers are usually manufactured for specific car models.

·        The Construction

Another necessary factor that you should always consider when purchasing shock absorbers is the build quality. This should come as no surprise, but the performance and durability of shock absorbers depend entirely on the materials that are used in their construction. The most common materials for shocks are aluminum and steel. Both are good options, but they have their downsides. Steel shocks are not adjustable, while aluminum shocks are expensive. However, spending a couple of extra bucks is always worth it in the long run.

·        Driving Conditions

What many people tend to overlook when searching for the best shock absorbers is to consider their driving conditions. Do you enjoy off-road adventures? If that is the case, then you need to search for shocks that can withstand more bounce. If you are only interested in improving the handling of your car when driving on country roads, then you can go for shocks that are designed especially for gravel and dirt roads. You can also go for premium and more expensive shock absorbers that can adapt to all road conditions.

·        How Easy It Is to Install the Shocks

Another essential factor that gets overlooked is the difficulty of the installation process. This can be quite problematic because some shocks will require you to visit a specialist that needs to make certain adjustments for the shocks to fit your car. Luckily, many other shock absorbers are super easy to install. In fact, they don’t require any special tools, and you can do this from your garage if you are skilled with a screwdriver.

·        Pick the Right Type of Shocks

There are five types of shock absorbers, and figuring out which one is the right one for your car is essential. Check out the five types below:

1. Standard

Just as their name implies, standard shock absorbers are designed to fit almost all car models. The systems that they use are similar to OEMs, and installing them is not very complicated.

2. Heavy-Duty

If you are driving a big vehicle and you carry lots of cargo, then you should consider going for heavy-duty shock absorbers. This type of shocks are gas-charged, and they excel at providing more stabilization when carrying a heavy load.

3. Overload

What makes overload shock absorbers stand out from the heavy-duty ones is the fact that they use a spring coil over to the piston so that they can provide more resistance. Therefore, overload shocks will balance the weight so that your car is easier to handle.

4. Adjustable Air Shocks

Adjustable air shocks are the most versatile type. They will adapt to all road conditions, and they feature an inflatable gas bag. Not only that, but they are also flexible.

5. Automatic Level Control

Similar to how the adjustable air shocks quickly adapt to all road conditions, the automatic level control shocks are suitable for both regular driving and heavy hauling. What sets them apart is that they are equipped with a unique system that detects what type of road you are driving on and will automatically adjust the pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the symptoms of a bad or failing shock absorber?

If you started noticing weird vibrations when driving, then this is the first symptom that your shock absorbers are failing. This happens when the valving or piston seal that is contained inside shocks wear out, and it no longer sits properly. Another sign that you are going to notice when your shock absorbers are no longer functional is swerving and nose-diving when braking. The valving or piston seal is also the one that’s causing this problem. The fluid flows uncontrolled inside the seal will move the piston within the cylinder, thus causing your car to swivel.

2. Will better shocks improve the ride quality?

The short answer is yes! You will notice a significant improvement in the handling and comfort of your car when you install a premium shock absorber. This is thanks to the fact that shocks will make all rides feel smooth, even though you might be driving on bad roads. Additionally, the shock absorbers will remove all vibrations and swivels.

3. How often should I replace my shock absorbers?

The question that gets asked the most on car forums is, how often should I replace my shock absorbers? Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact answer. The reason behind this is that it all depends on how often you are driving on bad roads and the build quality of your shock absorbers. Typically, you will need to replace your shocks every four to five years.

4. Should I replace all four shocks at the same time?

The best thing that you can do when it comes to replacing your shock absorbers is to replace all four of them at the same time. Even though there is only one that is causing problems, mechanics are recommending that you should always replace them in pairs. A new shock will have different effects on the handling of your car. It’s better to replace all four of them so that you don’t have to deal with weird steering.

5. Do I need an alignment after replacing rear shocks?

If the rear shocks are the only parts that you are replacing, then your car doesn’t need an alignment. Although, you will need to visit a mechanic’s shop for alignment if you are also replacing the struts because this will disturb the front-end components that need to be temporarily removed to access the struts.