Best truck bed covers of 2022

Product Size Weight Price
Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 5' 8 27 pounds price
BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 5' 8" Bed 71 pounds price
Tonno Pro Tonno Fold, Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Tonno Pro Tonno Fold, Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 6'9" Bed 34 pounds price
Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 6.5' Bed 23 pounds price
Extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Extang Trifecta 2.0 Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 5' 7" Bed 28.9 pounds price
Tonno Pro Hard Fold, Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Tonno Pro Hard Fold, Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 6'6" Bed 66 pounds price
Roll N Lock M-Series Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Roll N Lock M-Series Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 6'6" Bed 95 pounds price

If you own a truck, it means that you always get to carry lighter or heavier things around, all year round. To make that possible completely safe, you should also consider buying a truck bed lid. As soon as you get one, you will no longer worry about dusty, rainy, or snowy days; your cargo is kept in perfect conditions by your brand new tonneau cover.

Also, all the equipment in the back of your truck will be better secured without worrying that stepping on the gas might make you lose something on the way. Worry not, as all your load is kept right where it belongs by a properly installed bed cover. Plus, you can easily roll the cover and store it anywhere you like, it won’t take up much room anyways.

Are you wondering what information you should take into consideration before buying the best truck bed cover? In this guide, we have put together the essential features of such a product. So bear with us, because by the end you will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Types of Truck Bed Covers

There are two main types of bed covers: soft and hard. While soft covers are made of vinyl, the hard ones are made of aluminum mostly, which makes them heavier, but also much safer to use.                                                                                                                                                                            

Let’s get into details about the bed covers that fall under those two categories:                                                                                                 


Manufacturers have created roll-up covers with a mount that attaches itself to the vehicle very easily. As compared to standard soft bed covers, roll-ups can be used regardless of the weather, in all seasons.

They come with a rigid back system that enables the usage of the truck cover in extreme weather conditions. This system also grants more safety to trucks that come with a tailgate. You do not get that from a regular soft cover.

Roll-up covers are one of the cheapest truck bed covers on the market.


Made of different materials, retractable covers can be lightweight or hard. Their surface can come in vinyl, but with a strengthened interior. Retractable covers are also made of polycarbonate, aluminum i-beams, or both combined. Those are much safer, heavier, and do not need to be removed in order to have access to the load; the locking system provides effortless clearance to the freight.

Retractable covers have a distinctive feature that you won’t find in other truck bed covers – they retract into a tan placed upfront the truck bed. Besides that, some models that allow securing without being completely closed.

Retractable covers are safe to use even for trucks with five wheels, on curvy roads, when hauling or hauled by another vehicle.

As compared to roll-ups, they are much pricier, but also much more sustainable.


Plastic covers are very appreciated by users. They come with a very strong flat locker that keeps tailgates closed even at high impact. High impact covers are versatile, easily removable, safe, and long-lasting. Also, they weight 50-80 lbs max. They have a nice design and are one of the most affordable tonneaus on the market.


Fiberglass truck bed covers can be painted in any color you might want. You can match the color of the cover with that of the truck for instance. Manufacturers usually recommend DuPont finish that makes the color look very natural and durable.

Fiberglass covers are much heavier than plastic covers, they actually weight two times the aforementioned. There are some models that when removed, allow you to keep the frame of the bed cover on the truck; there are others that can only be removed with the structure. The process is quite simple: you just have to release the mounting clamps. The load stays intact during the process.

Flat Truck Covers

Flat truck covers are destined for truck drivers whose load seems to exceed or even surpass the height of the bed space. Besides keeping the cargo intact, visibility on the road won’t be affected either, which is a huge plus.


Factors to Take Into Consideration before Buying a Hard Truck Bed Cover

1. What You Should Ask Yourself before Buying the Best Truck Bed Cover

After reviewing the types of truck bed covers we have listed before, choose which type seems to cover if not all, most of your needs. Think of the material that also differentiates the bed covers into more affordable or pricier. Is vinyl alright for you? Or maybe fiberglass, or aluminum.

Will you be carrying heavy weights with your truck? If so, consider buying a cover that features a rack system. Those are perfect for heavier loads.

Also, remember that covers can be removed differently, allowing you to store them without taking too much space in your garage, home, or even vehicle. For easier access to the truck bed equipment, consider either a folding or a roll-up truck cover.

Do not ignore the safety part, which is probably the most important. Hard covers come with some safety locks that keep burglars away from your cargo.

2. The Best Truck Bed Cover Suitable in Any Weather Condition

Carrying a piece of equipment should not be limited by the weather forecast, especially if you already live in an area prone to rough weather conditions. In order to make sure that your cargo arrives intact at the destination, consider buying a heavy cover that does not corrode during bad weather. Soft covers shouldn’t be exposed to intense rain or snowfall, as they will easily deteriorate and will allow water to enter the truck bed, affecting your load.

3. Consider Choosing a Truck Cover That Allows Adding Extras

Yes, truck bed covers can also be accessorized. The accessories you might want to add to you tonneau include some anchors for more safety; you will find two types of tie-downs on the market – a type that can only be set up into the truck bed’s stake holes, making them unreachable.  That should not be an issue, but if you want to have access to them, you can opt for the second type; the second type of tie-downs is called bull ring tie-downs; those allow access to the stake holes, but that implies for you to rather go for a low-profile cover.

Also, if you want to add any crossbars or stands, check the warranty first, because you might void it. Only some accessories are allowed, while those who interact with the design of the tonneau are not recommended.

4. Truck Covers Have Different Setup Conditions

While some bed truck covers are installed in a couple of minutes, those who are more complex or come with different accessories might require up to an hour of your time to assemble them. Also, while some can be setup barehanded, others will require punching some holes, and so on. The thing is to make sure that the material remains as taut as possible. Be sure to read the instructions manual first.

5. Truck Covers are Usually Low-Maintenance

… but depending on the material they are issued of, they require different maintenance treatment. For instance, bed covers made of vinyl need UV protection; retractable tonneaus require some lubrication from time to time, and so on. So, before hitting the buy button, make sure you have gone through the maintenance section of your potential tonneau.

As for the cleaning part, most of the tonneau covers come with a cleaner. If not, at least with a recommendation of a cleaner compatible with the product. Also, the cleaning process depends on the roads that you take down; a regular ride will not require much effort in the cleaning process afterwards – a spray and a soft cloth will do the work. Instead, if you ride during bad weather, you will have to put some effort into it. Some car wash detergent and warm water, and some soft rubbing will do the trick. We would suggest you added a protectant by the end, thus you will make it look brand new and shiny.

6. Consider Your Budget

While soft covers are around 250 up to 500 USD, hard covers can cost more than 1500 USD. That doesn’t mean that you will necessarily have to spend 1500 USD on a good truck bed cover. Instead, pick the most convenient tonneau based on your needs and budget.

Now that we’ve been through the main features of a good tonneau cover, to make your choice even easier, let’s see which are the best 7 truck bed covers on the market.


Top 7 Best Truck Bed Covers

Best Products of 2022

Gator ETX is a roll-up truck bed cover that can be used regardless of the season. It keeps your cargo intact and is extremely versatile. For instance, you can leave it on and still have access to the truck bed, even to stake pocket holes if you need to add some accessories to it.

This heavy truck bed cover is perfect for heavy transportations, providing extra-security to the load.

It also looks very good due to the stylish leather-grain vinyl, while the adjustable tension pulls the cover tight, giving the whole truck a neat look.

Luckily, Gator ETX is also easy to assemble. You don’t have to use a drill, you just have to clamp a pair of rails on and there you have it. Also, it features inside mounts that give access to the stake pocket.

This tonneau can be easily rolled towards the cabin, giving you full access to the truck bed. You can also leave it open while driving, but not without fastening the buckets for safety.

The low-profile design contributes to the stylish look of the entire truck.

Gator ETX is perfect for 2014 - 2018, 2019 Ltd/Lgcy GMC Sierra & Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5'8" Bed.

If you choose this product, you will also get a 10-year warranty for the tarp and a lifetime warranty for the frame. Sounds pretty good, right?


Easily installed in less 10 to 30 minutes max.

Good material quality

Pretty lightweight

Great value for money


The cover is not waterproof, but if you install it properly, the inside bed area remains dry even after a heavy rainfall

The BAKFlip MX4 is known to be the first hard folding tonneau with a matte finish on the market. Since its launching, it did not take long for it to become number one on the selling market.

It is extremely well secured; it protects your cargo without preventing you from accessing the truck bed. Its design was considered in detail, to the smallest feature so that it compliments any truck.

It adds a rail-end cap and a cab corner, plus a buckle system that allows you to hit the roads with the tonneau half or fully opened.

The BAKFlip MX4 can easily be unlocked through the latches from both sides; thus, the cover can be folded towards the cabinet. To secure it there, just fasten the two rods.

Also, it can be used regardless of the season; it is well sealed and its dual drain tubes keep the water away from the cargo and the truck bed.

The low-profile design features heavy-duty aluminum and a matte finish. The material is very durable and corrosion-resistant, so you will get to use this cover for many years from now.

The BAKFlip MX4 can also be kept in an upright position with the help of a prop rod. As you can fold it towards the cabinet and secure it with the prop rods, you can easily access the cargo; thus the cover stays on.

For vehicles who have a third brake light, this truck bed cover is ideal because it does not block it; you just have to fold the tonneau upright and then you can safely haul your load.

It is compatible with 2019-20 New Body Style GM Silverado, Sierra 1500.


Easy to install

Does not block the review mirror

No drilling required

Water resistant

Great value for money


Will not fit Carbon Pro Bed 5'8" Bed

Just like its name predicts it, the Tonno Pro Tonno Fold Tri-folding is packed with a system that allows you to fold the tonneau into a three unit close-packed.

It is very easy to install - it should only take about 10 minutes to assemble it and it does not require drilling. The cover comes pre-assembled, all you need to do is to pin it to the truck bed. It only weighs 34 pounds, so one person should get the job done by herself.

Not only it looks very stylish, it is also well-built, and very safe.

If you need to carry an oversized load, you can easily remove the cover. If you wish to carry smaller elements, either you fold it towards the cabinet (do not forget to secure it with the buckle) or you can keep it closed so that your items will be held in place and protected against dust or rain.

Another important aspect of this tonneau is that is waterproof. So, your cargo remains intact even when it rains cats and dogs.

With the Tonno Pro Tonno Fold Tri-folding you can speed up without worrying that it might flutter. It fits perfectly the truck bed and it is very compact.

It is one of the most affordable truck bed covers on our list today and it fits 2017-20 Ford Super Duty 6'9" Bed.


Contributes to a fuel economy

Made of durable materials

Easy to fold and remove



The clamps are made of plastic, so they might need to be replaced in time

Tyger Auto has double citizenship. It is half Canadian, half American, and knows pretty well the automotive aftermarket.

Tyger Auto T1 is a bed cover that features two coats made of heavy-duty vinyl and a supporting board. It can easily be rolled up to grant access to the load in the truck bed.

Every item that composes this tonneau is made of high quality long-lasting materials like aluminum or stainless steel, which makes it safe and durable. It comes with mounting hardware and the installment can be done in just a couple of minutes. Although in theory it does not require drilling, you might need to dig some holes in the bed liner if you own a truck with a bigger side rail.

Tyger Auto T1 has a tension system embedded that keeps the cover neat and tight, regardless of the weather.

Although this bed cover looks sturdy, it only weighs 23 pounds and includes a weather seal band, mounting clips, and a cover assembly. It can easily be assembled by only one person.

You can safely use this tonneau even during winter, the good materials make it last throughout any weather condition. It does not allow water to penetrate the truck bed, so your load stays unscathed.

Tyger Auto T1 consistently improves gas mileage.

It is fit for 2015-2020 Ford F-150 Styleside 6.5' Bed TG-BC1F9030.


It adds velcro strips on both sides

Equipped with a latch lock

It features straps that secure the cover when rolled up

It comes with a LED light

Great quality-price ratio


Not easily removable and then put back on because of the mounting clips

Weighing only 28.9 pounds, Gator ETX is a lightweight soft folding truck bed cover made of durable leather-grain fabric. It does not require drilling nor any particular effort for installation; the tonneau comes already assembled, with everything it needs to be quickly and properly installed in a couple of minutes.

It adds two extra-safe EZ-locks that keep it closed so you won’t have to worry about it folding itself up during the ride.

Extang Trifecta offers full access to the truck bed without having to completely remove the tonneau.

What we most like about this truck bed cover is, besides its sturdiness, the low-profile design with smooth clean lines. The heavy-duty Extang Trifecta comes with back and rear clamps that prevent bed brimming.

It comes shipped with additional clamps and drain tubes, pvc settings, and rails that you can keep as extras.

Extang Trifecta is a combination of high-quality materials and dependability. Although it is not the cheapest truck bed cover on the market, investing in it is definitely worth it.

The tonneau is water resistant, so you can safely use it during any weather condition without worrying about leaks or gasps; what’s even better, it is tall enough to fit your five-wheel hitch. So, when your hitch is in stand-by it is kept safe from water, dust, or mud.

It fits 09-18, 19/20 Classic Dodge RAM 1500/2500/3500 5'7" Bed.


Great design

Good material

Package comes with extras

Easy to assemble/ disassemble

Good quality-price ratio


The cover does not have a lock of its own

Made in the US, the Tonno Pro Hard Fold prides with a very durable design; it is made of aluminum with strong vinyl overlay. Being a heavy and heavy-duty tonneau, it protects the load during the most severe weather conditions. It weighs 350 lbs.

It comes with EZ-locks that secure the cover when closed or open, when a larger load has to fit in.

The Tonno Pro Hard Fold comes pre-assembled, so it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to install it on your truck. Folding it up and completely removing it is also quite handy for any unexperienced user.

If you need to haul your load, use the nylon straps to hold the cover open.

From a price standpoint, it is not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but we think that for what it provides it is worth the money.

The fine low-profile design compliments any truck. Plus, the quality materials make it a lasting product.

The vinyl cover keeps leakage out from your bed, so that you can safely use the cover when it rains or snows. It stays taut even when it’s windy outside.

It fits 2014-2018, 19 Ltd/Lgcy GMC Sierra & Chevrolet Silverado 1500 6'6" Bed.


Comes with a rubber flap

Fuel economy

It comes with all the needed hardware

It adds a weather stripping that covers the tailgate


Plastic sliders look cheap

With a 95-pound weight, Roll N Lock is a dependable retractable cover made of aluminum, covered with an extra-layer of vinyl. Roll N Lock is packed with one of the most compact housings on the market,

To be more precise an extra 7 ½’’ deep housing also made of aluminum that makes the tonneau even sturdier.

The low-profile chic design adds up to the look of your entire truck. Just like the rest of the truck bed covers on our list today, this one is also easy to install due to the patented clamp-on. The rigid surface enables a smooth and frictionless rotation of the cover when closed or opened.

The package includes all needed parts, so not to worry about any extra costs for adjustments. It also features the installation tools.

Its patented latching mechanism allows locking at four open positions. You can easily pull the cover back by pulling the strap; thus, you will have access to your cargo with little effort.

You can count on Roll N Lock even in rough weather, your cargo will be kept intact against all elements.

It is a bit on the pricey side, but it is a long-lasting investment if you think of its various advantages.

It fits 2014 - 2018, 19 Ltd./Lgcy. GM/Chevy Silverado/Sierra 6'6" Bed.

As a bonus, the manufacturer ensures a 3-year guaranty for this product.


One of the most compact housings

Aerodynamic housing lid

Easy to install

Compact canister

It improves gas mileage


It does not lock with a tailgate down

Final Words

As a Conclusion

 Nobody buys a truck unless it is used for carrying heavy-duty or lighter cargos from time to time. Some people only use it for hauling, so purchasing a truck bed cover is not a fad, but a must. Make sure your load is safe no matter the distance, speed, or weather. The point is arriving at the destination safely, with an intact load, and with a minimum of effort from your side.

After carefully reading through this guide, prioritize your needs, and then take your pick. Regardless of the decision you are going to make, the seven best truck bed covers we have listed for you today are the most convenient on the market and surely one of them meets all of your requirements. It is up to you to decide which one is about to become yours. So, buckle up, turn your radio on, and enjoy your trip; leave the safety of your cargo to your truck bed cover!