Best Waterproof Car Cover of 2022

Product Size Weight Price
Kayme Four Layers Waterproof Kayme Four Layers Waterproof 17.2 x 13.5 x 6.8 inches 5.7 pounds price
Audew Car Cover Waterproof Audew Car Cover Waterproof 11.8 x 8.7 x 4.3 inches 3.31 pounds price
MATCC Car Cover Waterproof MATCC Car Cover Waterproof 14.2 x 11.8 x 2.8 inches 2.91 pounds price
Universal Car Cover for Sedan Universal Car Cover for Sedan 14.5 x 9.8 x 4.7 inches 2.95 pounds price
YITAMOTOR Weather Proof Protection YITAMOTOR Weather Proof Protection 208.6 x 74.8 x 63 inches 6.16 pounds price

There are a number of reasons you might be considering purchasing a waterproof cover for your car. Perhaps you don’t have a garage to shield it from the rain, or you have a car that is not regularly used but needs some extra protection when it is stored outdoors. It could be that you need to protect a vintage vehicle that is particularly susceptible to the elements or guard a new paint job against bird droppings, falling foliage, or general dust, grime, and other atmospheric pollutants.

But whatever the reason, how do you go about selecting the right car cover for your needs? The last thing you want is to end up with a cover that doesn’t perform as it should or offers poor value for money.

Here are a few things to look out for when choosing the right waterproof car cover for you:

  • Go for a cover with sturdy straps to secure it around your vehicle and stop it blowing away
  • Make sure it has a tight fit so water doesn’t pool
  • Check the material is reflective to repel UV rays
  • Check that the material will hold up to ice and snow, if necessary
  • Check that the cover is elasticized at the front and rear for a secure fit
  • Go for one with reflective strips so you can see the covered vehicle easily at night, particularly if it is parked on the street
  • While most covers will boast a ‘universal fit’, you will still need to order the correct size for your vehicle. This simply means that the covers come in a range of sizes, where each one fits a multitude of vehicle makes and models

With all this in mind, here are our picks of the top 5 waterproof car covers on the market:

Best Products of 2022

This cover comes in eight different sizes, making it a versatile option for different vehicle types. It comes with four different layers of materials that each do a different job in protecting your vehicle. There is a PE and Aluminum layer, then PE and cotton – the PE is totally waterproof for moisture protection, while the aluminum effectively protects the vehicle from harmful UV rays. The bottom cotton later is soft to shield the surface of your vehicle from any scratches.

This cover includes secure straps at the front and the rear to hold the cover in place and stop it from blowing off in high winds, along with notches for the wing mirrors to give a secure fit. There are reflective strips to ensure your vehicle can still be seen when it is covered in low light, and there is even a side zip in the cover to allow easy access to your vehicle without the need to take the cover off and put it back on again each time.

What’s to like?

  • The cover fits a range of vehicles well
  • It doesn’t scratch the car’s surface (inner liner is soft)
  • Easy and quick to put on and take off
  • Zipper for door access is highly convenient
  • Mirror notches make the cover secure and close-fitting
  • Made with aluminum fibers to protect and reflect the sun’s heat, and keeps the car cool in hot weather

What’s not to like?

  • Zipper and mirror notches don’t always line up, depending on the model of car
  • Quality of the plastic clips for securing the cover not as good as the rest of the product – they also have the potential to scratch the car, especially when putting the cover on alone
  • It is prone to leaks around the stitching/seams in severe rain

This cover is made from durable, high-density 190T polyester taffeta coated with a PU material. This fabric ensures all-weather protection whether the vehicle is stored indoors or out. It also easy to clean, meaning that you can easily wipe-down the surface to preserve the life of the cover. It is silver in color and this high-performance reflective shade blocks UV light and keeps the vehicle cool as well as preventing premature aging of the paintwork or interior, particularly the dashboard. This cover also boasts a windproof design with a strap and windproof buckle to secure the cover underneath your car. It also has an elastic hem to ensure a tight and secure fit on a variety of different makes and models of vehicle.

The cover is constructed with double-stitched seams to provide extra durability in wind or other adverse weather conditions, and there is even a handy storage bag included so you can keep the cover safe and protected when it’s not in use and transport it conveniently too.

What’s to like:

  • Very reasonably priced for the quality you get
  • Protects the vehicle well from snow and frost – it can be removed after a reasonably heavy snow storm and the vehicle will be drivable without any cleaning necessary
  • The material is very lightweight – it is easy to put the cover on and remove it if you are having to do so by yourself
  • Fits most models of car very well

What’s not to like:

  • No soft lining on the inside to protect the car’s paintwork
  • Material is a little thin so waterproof/UV resistance is potentially lower
  • It may not stand up to very strong winds
  • It is not for very long-term vehicle storage – after a few months exposed to the elements it starts to show signs of wear and tear

This particular cover is made from a waterproof and dust proof nylon cloth material, making it more durable and giving it an advantage over some other products in adverse weather conditions. The cover includes a total of six reflective strips making it much more visible at night and helping to prevent incidents, especially if the vehicle is parked in a public area. The cover offers effective protection from up to 90% of harmful UV rays making it a good choice for those living in regions where the weather is often hot.

There is a buckled strap that fits under the center of the car for extra security in high winds. In addition, this cover comes with four wind ropes at the elasticized hem that can be fixed to each wheel to provide extra security in severe weather conditions and a tighter fit all round. The high-density material is easy to keep clean and is also scratch resistant so you can be sure that your vehicle will not be damaged should something accidentally touch the exterior.

What’s to like:

  • The number of reflective strips make the vehicle easily visible in low light and help prevent accidents from occurring
  • The additional wheel straps keep the cover securely in place when winds are high
  • Material is lightweight
  • Keeps dust and debris off the car well
  • Very good at protecting against snow

What’s not to like:

  • Straps must be secured to the wheels to keep it in place, but this relies on having alloy type wheels rather than hubcaps to secure properly to the spokes
  • It has a tendency to fit a little tight on some models – doesn’t fully cover the car
  • Cover has ripped where it is being held down at the wheels – no grommet holes or double stitching to make it more robust

The material used for this Carbaba car cover is 100% breathable, meaning that it allows moisture, heat, dampness, and condensation to escape through it’s surface rather than causing damage to the car. It’s made from PEVA non-woven fabric with a PU coating that is non-abrasive, mildew resistant, and water repellent too. It also completely blocks out harmful UV rays, protecting the interior and exterior of the vehicle from damage due to excessive sun exposure.

Although the fabric is robust, it is also smooth and gentle on the vehicle’s surface paintwork to ensure there is no damage, particularly when installing or removing the cover. The cover effectively protects vehicles from dust, animal droppings, tree sap and falling foliage, as well as other environmental pollutants. It is also waterproof and will hold up well in light to moderate rain. The cover is very lightweight and can be easily folded up for convenient storage when it is not in use.

What’s to like:

  • Sturdy material and feels very good quality, but it is lightweight enough that it can be put on the vehicle easily by only one person
  • Protects vehicles well from frost and snow
  • The cover has multiple straps to help secure it in place and ensure that it does not move around, tear, or blow off in high winds
  • The reflective strips help with night-time vehicle visibility
  • The clasps are easy to secure and it is simple to get them closed and opened when putting on or removing the cover

What’s not to like:

  • The cover may not hold up well in very heavy rain, which can result in water seeping through some of the seams
  • Some dew may occasionally be found under the cover despite it’s claim to be 100% breathable

Our final car cover pick is also made from PEVA material on the outer layer. It is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable material that is 100% breathable to prevent moisture accumulation under the surface of the cover from damaging the vehicle. The inside of the cover is formed of a special scratchproof lining to help protect the vehicle’s paintwork from damage.

There is a windproof strap and buckle at both the front and the rear of the cover to help secure it against high winds. There is an elastic hem featuring durable double stitching to ensure the cover fits tightly and does not move around easily in adverse weather conditions. For additional security, this cover also comes with a lock and steel strings that help protect the car cover from being stolen or accidentally removed and keep it secured in place, particularly if the vehicle is being stored in a public area. There’s also a reflective warning strip right on the front panel of the cover to make sure it is still visible in low light to prevent accidents.

What’s to like:

  • The material is thick and seems of very good quality
  • It is waterproof and stands up well to moderate rainfall
  • This cover is generally good quality for the price point
  • The buckle straps that secure the cover underneath the vehicle are sturdy and able to stand up to windy conditions
  • Easy to put on quickly

What’s not to like:

  • Does better for protecting against the sun than the rain and snow
  • White fluff comes off from the inside lining of the cover – especially on soft top vehicles
  • Starts to tear in severe weather – best for shorter-term use or in less severe weather conditions
  • The lock that comes with it is not particularly robust

Questions and Answers

How does prolonged sun exposure damage your car?

Some people wonder if a car cover is truly useful and if it truly prolongs the life of the car’s pain. The truth is that it is indeed useful, but you have to make a habit out of using it. Covering your car only from time to time won’t really help. However, if you drive the car every day, you won’t be able to do that, as it becomes very uncomfortable. In this case, you can cover it up only when you let in in direct sunlight for hours, when the weather is really humid or when it is really cold outside. Prolonged sun exposure is truly damaging for a car’s paint. If UV rays touch it for many hours regularly, you might observe discoloration and thinning of the materials. More than that, sun exposure can lead to damage of the seats and dash. 

Although UV rays are invisible, they are very powerful. When making contact with surfaces such as your car’s paint, it affects the molecules that can be found on it. What actually happens is that these molecules receive a jolt of energy, which is given off as heat. Some of them eventually break, which often causes molecules of paint to stop interacting the way they were designed to. When exposed to the sun, paint becomes less reflective and duller. 

What does a car cover protect against?

Except for the sun, car paint can be affected by the sun, by tree sap, animal deposits and chemicals. This is one of the main reasons why you should cover your car if you cannot keep it in a garage. The paint doesn’t get scratched and doesn’t fade as quickly as it does when unprotected. If you care about your car’s durability, you should try to keep it away from heavy rains, dangerous winds, keep it away from trees and always keep it covered during the snowy seasons. One of the less obvious advantages is the fact that it protects against thieves. Although it might not seem logical at first, you should consider the fact that thieves might have a hard time removing the car cover and actually getting to steal the vehicle without drawing the attention. 

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor car covers?

Indoor car covers protect the vehicle against hazards, as well as dust particles or other chemicals. Also, they prevent accidental bumps or scratches. On the other side, outdoor car covers are able to protect the vehicle from a variety of weather conditions, from powerful sun rays to storms and snow. Outdoor models are usually made of thicker materials and are more durable. Indoor car covers are efficient, but are made of thinner materials and don’t really protect a car from severe weather conditions that well. Depending on your needs and on the frequency with which you keep your car outdoors, you should choose the model that is most suitable for it. 

Final Words

There are a range of excellent waterproof car covers to choose from, with pros and cons for each different product on our list. While no cover will ever be perfect, the important thing is to consider your particular needs and circumstances and to match these with the car cover that best fits.

For example, some of these covers fared better in snowy conditions, some in protection from sun exposure, and some in wind and rain. Consider the local climate where you will be storing your vehicle, and whether you need it for short- or long-term use. You should also consider opting for a cover with plenty of light reflecting strips if you plan to keep your car stored on a street.

Consider optional extras such as wing mirror notches, side access zips, wheel spoke straps, or security locks depending on your particular needs as well as the make and model of your vehicle. Some of these options may be unnecessary for you, so avoid making a purchase on a whim – you could end up paying for more features than you actually need.

Whichever waterproof car cover you choose, we hope this guide has given you some information that will prove useful for selecting the right product option for you.